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In 2013, I was in the beginning stage of blogging. My first doubt is which platform is suitable for my needs. What WordPress version is proper either vs.

Which is better? It is better to use the free version of or self-hosted Started searching to clarify my doubt. After 20 days of research finally, I opted self-hosted

Because of its simplicity and freedom. At last, I have launched this blog.

What is the difference between vs.

This article provides you a few points on that compares vs.

Here is a list to help you choose between Automattic and made a platform in the open-source solution. I aim to provide the necessary idea to compare vs.

Using WordPress for Blogging is the first choice for every blogger. vs.

There is a difference between vs. The primary point of the difference is customization control. There are so many benefits of Using WordPress as a blogging platform.

There are a few Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress. Here I am discussing pointwise.


  • is a hosting platform that facilitates online publication. The software is hosted and maintained by the team Automattic, no requirements, no backup, you only focus on content creation! It is a turnkey Blogger type TypePad, etc …
  • is provided by the same people who work on WP, the open-source blogging software that millions of websites use.

Advantages WordPress.Com

  • It’s free and easy to set up
  • All technical maintenance work is supported – Installation, upgrades, spam, backups, security, etc.
  • Your blog is on hundreds of servers, always available, even in high traffic

Disadvantages WordPress.Com

  • Only 250 themes available and you can not download custom themes (see on ThemeForest )
  • You can not change the PHP code on your website
  • You can not download plugins
  • Domain as
  • VIP and/or formula very expensive domain name

An option as long as you look for simplicity, free. But the Disadvantages are the domain name and resources limitations related to the themes & plugins.


It is commonly called “self-hosted solution,” you should buy a domain name and hosting, then install WordPress and you are free to change everything, customize, etc …

Advantages WordPress.Org

  • Ability to upload custom themes
  • Ability to upload plugins
  • Complete control of the code
  • Total control of your domain

Disadvantages WordPress.Org

  • Requires more technical knowledge
  • You are responsible for updates to the software
  • You are responsible for your accommodation

Freedom, choice, and total customization. The ideal solution is for your windows sites or corporate blogging pro.

Which type of WordPress is Suitable for you?

If you are a personal blogger, if you are not thinking about make money through your blog here is the suitable platform to express your information.

If you are a full time or part-time blogger, Self-hosted is the correct platforms.

Most of the people are expecting this Self-hosted WordPress is very costly. But it is entirely wrong. Now, most of the hosting service providers are giving smart plants to start your blogging career with few steps only.

The charges may vary from $2 to $10 depends on your needs. You visit my old posts to get huge discounts on new hosting purchases.

The hosting accounts are providing one free domain from their Domain Registration services.

Check your domain availability now and check the discounts available on the given recommended WordPress Hosting service providers.

They have the Cheapest WordPress Hosting plans which fit into our daily budgets. 


WordPress is the right selection for bloggers. The choosing of and is depended on your need and type of work. This review helps to differences between vs.

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