Top 10 tips to customise Facebook business page for business

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Marketing on Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your business at a low cost. Millions of people are using FB for their small or large scale business. It provides many tools that enable the user to build an amazing business page (Facebook Business Page) for their business, which helps them to promote their business. Many entrepreneurs take full advantages of FB services to achieve growth of their business via FB. Here are some tips which help the user to engage more traffic to their page and build more customers.

tips to customise Facebook business page
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Popular Tips to customize Facebook business Page for Business:

1. You can also combine your Facebook business page with other social media:

You can easily combine FB with other social media accounts such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. With the help these platforms, the user can easily share content via other social media sites. It is very useful and you must need to take advantage of these to run a successful facebook business page.

2. Run a contest on your business page:

You can also arrange various competitions on your Facebook page. It is the best way to engage more people to your business page. It is one of the best methods

3. Set your Logo in Profile Photo:

If your company has a logo then you can make it as your profile picture of your Business page. It is a nice way to do the promotions of your brand. Clients will always keep your logo in their mind.

4. Configure a beautiful Cover Photo:

It is one of the important things and the identity of your of the Facebook in the page. This is the first thing people that will see. It is also important to increase audience on your page. Unique and real cover photo of your business plays an important role to engage customers. You can also add text in your cover photo to provide more details about your business.

5. “About” Section should be explanatory:

You don’t need to give the long description about your business, a short description is enough. This section will see at the top of the page. So, it should be small and descriptive, must contain the details about your business or the product you are offering. You can also give a link to your website, phone number, and address theirs depending on which type of Business page you’ve chosen.

6. Facebook Adverts:

You can also promote your page by running ads of your page. This is one of the brilliant features but it is paid. The user can target audience with their location, interest, and also with their age groups.

7. Promotions of Your FB business Page:

There are many methods by which you can easily promote your business page. You can also run an FB advert which is paid but it is very effective. In it, you can easily target users with their location, interest and also with their age groups. You can also promote your page by adding FB like button and also by inviting peoples from your friend list.

8. You need to post Content on a regular basis:

This is also one of the factors to engaging more fans and followers by posting content. Post appropriate content related to your business so that customers can know better about your business. You can share images, video and other popular content related to your business.

9. Set a milestone:

You can also set milestones for your business. This is the best way to remember your achievements, events, grand openings etc. You can view your milestone in your sharing bar at the top of the business page. To add milestones, just follow these steps:

  • You need to press on the sharing bar at the top of your page.
  • You need to enter a headline, location, date, and details.
  • Select the photo which you want to add.
  • Press Save button to save.

10. You can also create Thumbnail for different apps:

In your Facebook business page, you can easily create Thumbnail for different apps. It is one of the amazing features available there. Just follow these steps to create Thumbnail for different apps. First, you need to create the image that is 111 X 74 pixels.

  • You need to press on the arrow located next to the right of your timeline which is below the cover image. It will show a number which represents the number of apps you are using.
  • Press on the arrow next to the image which you want to
  • Press on edit setting.
  • You need to press on
  • Then, upload the new image.

These are some factors which help people to boost their Facebook business page. You need to take care of these things while accessing FB business page. These things will definitely help you to engage more traffic and audience to your page and make your business more popular.

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