How To Create Professional Email Address with iPage Web Hosting

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An inbox is a storage space of emails which can be consulted by a mail client. This article helps you on How to create Professional Email address with ipage web hosting. The latter can have a web interface (Zimbra, Gmail, Hotmail, zoho etc.), or can be integrated to your computer (Microsoft Office Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) or your Smartphone (Gmail for Android, Mailbox for iOS, etc.). Can be compared to a physical mailbox post box: it exists only one place has a storage capacity determined and only those having the keys can open it.How To Create Professional Email Address

The email address, in turn, does not designate a storage space, but the coordinates to this space. In the physical world, email address and the inbox are often confused.  In the digital world, it is extremely easy to create an professional email address and redirects it. This free service is usually offered to people with a domain name.

The first thing of any webmaster is to create and setup a branded Business Email address is necessary after purchasing a new domain name. This is very important step to become a professional. For example [email protected] is a professional email address rather having [email protected] There are many ways to setup your professional email like outlook configuration, by using Google apps but these services are now became paid services. you can check my previous article on How to setup Create Professional Email Address with Zoho Mail

Importance of Professional Email Address:

This is step by step method on how to create a professional email address with hosting service provider or other with third party services. Depending on your mailbox provider, the method is different.

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Who is Your E-mail provider?

This is the organization that provides its servers through which you send and receive emails. Be careful not to confuse your mail provider with your mail client: it is the application software or the website by which you access your e-mails located on the server of your mail provider.

If you’re original e-mail address ends in, Your email provider is and hosted web services. If it ends in,,,, here your mail provider is Outlook. If your address is, your email provider is GMail. Some examples of the Good Email Addresses, if you want to have [email protected], but it’s taken, change it to something such as [email protected] Another example would be instead of having [email protected], use [email protected]

Why you have a professional email address:

In the life of every day or as an individual, to acquire a free generic address a few clicks is accessible to everyone. It is indeed a method entirely appropriate in the context of Internet use that is not related to your business.

For if many companies use professional email addresses of the form “[email protected]” is also useful for companies of smaller sizes and self entrepreneurs why? Let’s break down the frequently asked questions on the subject to help you make the right decision for your business.

Now you can use the built-in mail server that comes with web hosting providers. Now in this tutorial I am using iPage hosting service provider on how to create professional email with ipage.

What is iPage?

iPage is one of the top 10 web hosting service provider. The company providing number of added features for their users. Still now the iPage company serves over 1,000,000 websites and the positive reviews on iPage are in online. Why I am choosing iPage for my blogs?

The company providing excellent features at $1.99/month.

  • FREE Domain Included
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts with Professional Email addresses
  • Free Site-Building Tools
  • Free Security Suite
  • 1GB Cloud Storage

You can check the complete iPage review on my previous article.

How to Create Professional Email ID with iPage Hosting services:

To create professional email id , you need to have an hosting account or if you purchase the hosting account at $1.99 per month. If you are planning to get the new hosting for your new blog this is for you. The Creating a Professional Email Account is very easy.

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Follow the steps to create custom or professional email id,

Step 1: Login to your account:

First you need to login into your account by choosing the Login option from the right side corner. Then enter the login details and click on Login.

Login now with your details

Step 2: Choose MailCentral:

After successful login of your hosting account’s Control panel, choose the Mail Central button on the Email.

Click on MailCentral

Step 3: Setup New Mail Box:

Now choose the domain name from the drop down list of your configured Domains, then click on +New Mail Box.

create new mailbox in ipage web hosting

Step 4: Choose Standard Email:

Now write the Name of Email like “admin, info, contact, support” etc in the Standard Email boxes then choose the configured domain name you want after the @ symbol. Then enter the password (enter new password) and click on Create. create new email with password

Finally you will get the message like “Your mailbox has been created and will be active within 20 minutes”. No need to wait for 20 minutes. mostly it completes the entire configuration of creating professional email address within 5 minutes.

After successful creation of the new professional email ID you will get 5 tabs. They are

tabs in newly created professional email

  1. Basic info: This tabs gives the details of mail box usage, changing of password and few other options.
  2. Server setup: In this tab, gives the server setup details like Username, SMTP server and POP Server. This details helps to configure this email with your personal mail boxes like Gmail, outlook, yahoo and few other services.
  3. Mail delivery: It helps to deliver incoming mails to particular custom domain without any problem.
  4. Autoresponder: This tab helps to Sets up an automatic response to be sent when a message is received.
  5. Upgrades: This upgrades tab helps you to upgrade your mail box to OX, to increase Mailbox size and to upgrade to Google Apps.

That’s it

Final Words:

The above steps help to everyone who are to create professional email address for their brand business on online. This is Most using Professional Free Email creation method. If the above article is useful, please share with your friends on social media by using below social icons. Happy Blogging.

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