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Best ways to Create Landing Pages in WordPress

Landing pages are real-time tools in online marketing, which are attractive and easily updatable. Everyone who have an online project of any kind should use one such type of landing pages and direct them to conversion.

Best ways to Create Landing Pages in WordPress

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the active web page that users see when they click on an advertisement or a search result. The landing pages used in search engine advertising is an extension of the announcement you have seen the user.

Many do not use them because they think it is necessary to have technical knowledge to perform such pages and so will put 5 ways to design your Landing Pages without having this knowledge and in less time than you think.

But first, I think you need to see the necessary features and some guidance for your landing page is perfect. For this you can check out two articles I wrote some time ago:

If you read these two articles, then you’re ready to create your landing pages.

The importance of landing pages

Landing pages are important to optimize the budget that we have as advertisers. Search engines reward advertisers who are able to respond to the relevance and necessity demand it represents.

Advertisers should not waste their budget, just to send views. What matters are the results, it is important to achieve our goals?

Our recommendation is that you not only have to devote time to send visits, we must also take care and optimize the “post-click”. In upcoming posts we will give recommendations to optimize landing pages.

How to Create a Landing Page nontechnical:

There are a variety of plugins, third-party sites, WordPress and other designs; this will expose the 5 that I really liked:

1. Landing Page Templates 450 of ThemeForest:

ThemeForest, the famous Market Place for WordPress plugins and themes, offers you 450 Landing Pages impressive and different designs. The price is very affordable, ranging from $ 10 -15 US dollars.

You can simply purchase the template, the downloads and upload to a new directory and subdomain with a new installation of WordPress. In few steps you can enjoy your landing page and start converting.

  • FAME THEMES Review: Best WordPress Premium Themes
  • Theme-Check Plugin: Check Worpress theme compatibility

2. Unbounce Landing Pages

A great website where you offer to make your landing pages on your platform .you will not only have to do any installation, but you can choose from different types of professional templates for different sectors.

Here the system switches to acquire this system must pay a minimum of $ 49 a month, depending on the unique users who see this Landing:

  • $ 49 / month – Maximum 5000 unique visits.
  • $ 99 / month – Maximum 25,000 unique visitors.
  • $ 199 / month – Up to 100,000 unique visitors.

Its operation is simple; choose a template and change it according to your wish the texts and some pictures.

In addition Unbounce system has a 30-day trial. You can try it and if you do not like stop buying it.

See Unbounce Landing Pages

3. Instapage

A web very similar to the previous Unbounce, is a Web that offers the same service and the same operation as in the previous case. It offers a portfolio of very interesting with many templates and a large number of oriented Templates Info Product sale. Here you can see some examples.

The main difference with the previous website is the price:

  • $ 29 – Maximum 5000 unique visits.
  • $ 79 – Maximum 25,000 unique visitors.
  • $ 179 – unlimited Unique visits.

As in the previous case, here also it gives us to try the product free for a limited time.

See examples of Instapage

4. OptimizePress

Certainly one of the options used in the world of selling information products online.It is a very complete WordPress theme for where their main function is to create optimized landing pages and conversion oriented.

In addition to its simple configuration and easy handling for designing landing pages to your liking, this system stands out for the variety of components it offers. OptimizePress also offers the following options:

  • Create sales pages
  • Landing pages or high converting landing page
  • Exclusive members area for your clients
  • Pages Release
  • High quality blogs

As in the first case I mentioned, OptimizePress is a WordPress theme with full functionality . If you want to use it just for your landing pages, you should install in subdomains or sub-directories in a new domain, always with a fresh installation of WordPress.

OptimizePress View Options

5. WordPress Landing Pages

Finally, I think I left the one you will like. This is a plugin that you can find for free on the WordPress Plugin repository. This plugin gives you the ability to create landing pages simple, intuitive and with a defined template you’ve previously chosen pattern way. It is also very comprehensive because it adds functionality to make Test A / B so you can see which landing page you have designed for the same product you it’s working or becoming better.

Undoubtedly, this plugin is the best choice if you use WordPress in our day to day thanks to the following advantages:

  • It’s Free!
  • Different templates to select.
  • Analysis Test A / B.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy operation.

Download This Plugin

Now you have no excuse! You see different options for all tastes and a different type. You can now create your Landing Pages smoothly and start generating conversions on your site or blog.

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