How to Create Gravatar account? Why it is Important for Every Blogger and Marketer?

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Gravatar is the specially created a site for every blogger/ internet marketer. Every blogger must have this Gravatar account. If you write an opinion in the commenting system of your favorite blog post, the gravatar helps you to display your image with your Name in the comment. If you register in new forums, your image will be displayed automatically without uploading any image.


How to Create Gravatar account? Why it is Important for Every Blogger and Marketer?


Every day I am getting more comments on my blog without images. These observations are almost filtering with my Special spam protection plugins like Akismet and WangGuard plugin.

Are you a blogger? Are you following backlinking strategies to improve blog ranking? So here you must need a Gravatar account. Most of the blogs are not approving your comments because of the absence of an image in your Comment.


What is Gravatar?


The meaning of Gravatar is a “Globally Recognized Avatar.” The Avatar is an image that represents you online. This is a small picture display next to your name.

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This Gravatar account is automatically associated with your Email ID by blogs and forums. The Gravatar is providing free services for bloggers, Users, Internet marketers, and developers.

This service is included in account with the support of Automattic developers.

How to Create a Gravatar account?

If you do not have the Gravatar account, this article is for you. Just follow these few steps I mentioned below. Create one account and upload your image and create your profile once. When you participate in any Gravatar-enabled sites, the profile image will follow you there.

Green one

Step 1: Land and signup for Gravatar account

To sign up for Gravatar account, click the below link and click on “Create Your Own Gravatar” button.

gravatar account create your own gravatar

Green two

Step 2: Fill the Signup form

Now on the second screen, fill your Email address, Username, and Password according to the instructions given on the screen. Then click Signup.gravatar signup form

Green three

Step 3: Confirm your account

  • The Gravatar will send the confirmation notice to your registered email ID.

confirmation email

Green four

Step 4: Activate account

  • Open your Email account and click the confirmation link to confirm your account by clicking on “Activate account.”gravatar activation mail
  • Now in the next screen, you get the Account activation message. Click on Sign into Gravatar.account activated

Green five

Step 5: Upload the image

  • After login into new Gravatar account, you need to add your image from Add a new imageadd your image now

Now upload your image from various sources like Upload new (from your PC), From URL (paste the already uploaded Image URL from other sites), Past Uploads (choose the image from Gravatar image gallery) and From Webcam (Take a new snap from Webcam).upload image

Green six

Step 6: Crop the Image

After upload image, you should crop your image according to the profile size. The size indicating with a dotted border with small square buttons. Use the drag mechanism and adjust the box on the picture and click on Crop and Finish.crop the image

Green seven

Step 7: Choose Rating

After you finish cropping the image, you need to choose the rating. The score is given as G, PG, R, and X. This is a particular avatar rating system.choose a rating for your gravatar

  • G-rated: This gravatar is suitable for display on all websites with any audience type.
  • PG-rated: The Gravatars may contain rude gestures, provocatively dressed individuals; the lesser swear words, or mild violence.
  • R-rated: The Gravatars may contain such things as harsh profanity, intense violence, nudity, or hard drug use.
  • X-rated: The Gravatars may contain hardcore sexual imagery or alarming violence.

Recommended: choose the G-rated option here.

Green eight

Step 8: Fill the Profile

  • Now in this step, you need to fill the profile details. To do these go for My Profile.go to profile
  • In the profile section, first fill the Name and Details like first and last names, Full name, Display name, Location and About me.
  • In about me, sections write about you with few lines. This is Author bio.basic profile details
  • After the necessary information goes Websites and enter your sites details by providing Website URL and Website Title and click on Save website. Here you will get a high-quality backlink for your blog.add websites here
  • After that, fill the other details like Contact information and Verified services. These are optional.

Now your Gravatar account is ready to use. What next.

  1. Start blog commenting with the gravatar email ID
  2. Fill the profile details with this email id in various forums
  3. There are so many 3rd party services are using the services to display their user’s images in their accounts.

Your comment will be displayed like below in the blog commenting system.comment demo with gravatar email id preview

Importance of Gravatar account


Final Words

Blog branding is the most important part for professional bloggers and new bloggers.  Most of the new bloggers start their blogging journey, and they do not know how to add images to their name when they comment on Gravatar-enabled WordPress blogs. Basically, WordPress uses service to show the commenter image in their commenting system.  Follow the above Steps and create a new gravatar account and spread your online identity and blog branding.

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This is the basic guide on how to create Gravatar account and how to use gravatar. Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar. Compulsory account for bloggers.

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