How to create a Facebook business page?

How to Use Facebook for Your Business? Creating Facebook Page for your blog is very easy to do and it is very useful to promote your blog posts, products and create a community of loyal readers for your blog. This article helps you to explain How to create a Facebook business page.

With it, you can create links, establish conversations, constructive criticism and also better position your blog in front of the search engines.

Remember that with the new changes in the algorithms, better positions Google blogs that have more “Facebook likes” and comments on Facebook, among other things to see the article.

The Facebook Page providing several options like Image uploading (we can upload high-resolution images), Status updating (helps to promote your content with URL), twitter account integration, YouTube account integration, Call to action setup and many more advanced features are available.

If you are not having the Facebook page just follow this guide on How to Start a Facebook Business Page.

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The Blogging Den’s Facebook Page is a very active page. In the page, we are sharing the latest posts and old updated posts and informative stuff through the page.  In 2019 SEO, social media promotion is very important. So today as part of this I am explaining How to create a Facebook business page here.

How to create a Facebook Business Page?

This is the simple step by step guide on How to create a Facebook page for your business website.

Step 1: Start Now:

Login to (if you’re not first you must Make a Facebook account and set up properly) and head to the bottom of the page and click Create a page or create a Facebook page.

How to create a Facebook business page
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Choose Setting option > Create Page

Step 2: Select Category:

Choose the category that best fits for your blog and enters the name, thinks of the name carefully (I suggest you put the same name of your blog) because then I cannot change.

Here are six different main categories:

  • Local business of Place: This category is intended for all those premises or businesses that have a physical residence in particular, i.e., a direction in which to serve the public. Such as bar, restaurant, hotel, clothing stores, shoe stores, bookstores, etc. (This option requires more complete data as country, city, zip code, telephone, address …).
  • Company, organization or institution: This type of class is designed for all companies and institutions (public or private) that operate on the Internet or do not have a specific physical place to serve its customers. As it might be the case of a Movie star, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Brand or product: And this type of Facebook pages for businesses is aimed at any type of brands that have a product or service recognized massively. As might be the case of NIKE, MANGO, Coca-Cola, Adidas, etc. 1
  • Artist, band or public figure: Category does not need much explanation, it is aimed at all kinds of (famous or not) users looking to be social promotion themselves.
  • Entertainment: For magazines, films or TV and radio programs.
  • Cause or community: We conclude with the aimed at any group, cause or nonprofit institution.

You can choose the category that best fits for your blog, for example placing website, personal blog, etc and write a brief description of your site, in the space that says about. Now click on “Get Started“.

How to Create a Page on Facebook
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Once we have almost created this Facebook account to our business, only now we start playing complete the  Facebook Fan Page with all the relevant information about it.

Facebook Page Setup Settings:

  1. Configuration section of the new page of my Facebook.
  2. Choose the category.
  3. Add a description of your business so that other people know what it is and what it does. In this description you should include keywords relevant to your site is positioned within the network and appear in search results from other Facebook accounts.
  4. Customize the URL of your own. For example
  5. Complete your website address.
  6. In the case of choosing a local business, you will be asked to re-confirm that possess a physical establishment.
  7. Save and confirm.

setup blogging services page
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Step 3: Upload Profile Picture or Logo:

Choose and upload a photo or image. To do this you must click on an image upload to upload a photo you have on your computer or you can choose the second option Import a photo, to import a logo image directly from your blog. If you do not have a logo you can click on Skip and go to the next step.

Profile picture on facebook page
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Step 4: Make your new page to the favorites column:

To add your page to the left column in the favorites section, you’ll always have it in a place of easy and quick access to view and control the activity generated in it. This is not important step. If you are choosing this is important then follow this step or simply click on SKIP.

add to favorite your facebook page
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Step 5: Configure your target audience and Invite them:

In this step you have the possibility to invite your Facebook friends to followers of your new page is made, or you can click import contacts from your contact list e-mail to announce to your readers by mail clients subscribers and your new Facebook page.

  1. Suggest audience favorite Fan Page.
  2. Target audience.
  3. Location of fans or preferred geographical location.
  4. Minimum and maximum ages of our potential fans.
  5. Sex of our future fans.
  6. Interests or tastes of the audience to which I try to capture in this social platform.
  7. Save

How to create a Facebook business page
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Step 6: Complete your Profile:

After the above step fills the complete profile from the Advanced tab.  Add the long description of your blog and services within 155 characters and add relevant keywords with your business URL at the end.

How to Create a Page on Facebook for Blog Promotion
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Now your Facebook Fan page is ready. After this, there are few additional steps those are given as a bonus here.

If Your Facebook Page is ready What Next…

After Set Up a Facebook Page, you need some additional changes to get viral your updates through the Facebook business page.

Bonus 1: Add Facebook Like box code:

Now you are almost ready, all you have to do is add some applications that interest you, I recommend you choose the option to add the fan box on your blog when you click you must insert a code like a widget appear on sidebars of your blog. If you are using WordPress blog, there is Plugin call “Facebook Like Box” or Jetpack Plugin have this option as default simply use the option if it is available.  The upgrade option content they can with the automatic application or you can manually do it yourself every time you write a new article, you leave a message of invitation to your readers on the wall of your fan page and then you add the link latter way but requires a little more time, it’s more personal.

Bonus 2: Start sharing:

Ready! You already have your site ready! Now you can start sharing your blog posts on the wall of your Facebook page. Here I added a snapshot of  Blogging den Facebook Page’s as an example. Just click on the image and Like the page and get the updates on your Facebook wall.

A basic overview of the Newly created Facebook Business Page

Upon completion of all the above steps, I have my Facebook business page almost ready to start interacting with my new online community. Complete just missing some extra details so that everything is better. Therefore we will briefly review by all parties or air that has the new pages of my Facebook account.

How to create Facebook page for business
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  1. The access settings area of the page (to verify or correct any mistakes that might have committed during the creation process).
  2. Menu bar to display different sections page, messages, notifications, and publications.
  3. Button to upload your new cover photo.
  4. Button to change your profile picture.
  5. Access advertising section.
  6. Create a Call to action button or call to action (Here I have created signup form in this section as “SIGNUP”).
  7. The option of a publication to share with your friends on the new page.
  8. More features.

Help! Here we can make a mini guided tour almost all the features of our new website company, go to support services or contact Customer Service to make suggestions or ask questions.

Final Words:

Promotion on a social site is “Social Promotion“. This is a modern SEO. Simply this is SMO (Social Media Optimization). Social networks are powerful tools to attract traffic to your blog, which combined with a good application of SEO techniques will result in better online positioning of your blog. This simple guide helps on How to create a Facebook business page.

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