How to create a free blog on blogspot Platform? (Basic Free Blog Creation)

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Are you planning to create a free blog on Google’s Blogspot Platform? Blogger is an open online software platform that allows a user to quickly and directly publish a free blog. This is a service that offers a variety of tools allowing people to post information on the web. Blogger is one of the few facilities free blog without advertising.

Create a free blog

Since 2003, Google owns Blogger. Blogger allows hosting blogs on the Blogspot site or on a server chosen by the user (via FTP or SFTP.) By following this tutorial, we will create and step set up a blog on blogger Blogspot.

This publication is based on more than 2 years experience as a blogger, with the advice, you are getting avoid mistakes I’ve made,  so I ask you to read the full article and before starting your blog creation.

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For those who follow me will know that I try at all times to be the most practical and teaching in each of my posts. This case could not be.

Otherwise, it is for this reason that I announce that we will create together a new blog. We will create the test blog, which I serve as the basis for recording video tutorials which show you how to go slowly applying new free blog tutorials, so here we go!

You will see that just name three parameters to create a new blog on Blogger, which all three have to be clear is the address of your new blog.  Blogger will assign a complimentary manager terminated by example Then in the future, you can always opt for a domain happen to pay, the type com. .net. .org. etc., but you will always start with a which is entirely free.

Why New free blog’s URL is so essential?

The address of your free blog is that to which you invite your friends and family will be the direction you’re going to show on your business cards and is the address you will have to inform the whole world if you’re a mom or Dad is the name of your future baby :).


How to create a free blog?


1. Open the Blogger page

2 . Create Gmail Account and create a blog:

To create a free blog you need to have a Google account. So if you already have an account (Eg: Gmail email address) use the account in blog creation. Now Enter the title of the Blog in the Title box and Enter the URL as your blog name (Eg: Then select one template from the template gallery and click the “Create Blog.” Now your blog is ready.

How to create a free blog in Blogger.com4.Choose the Template: After creation of a new blog, then choose the proper template for your blog. these are available at Dashboard > Templates > Customize

How to create a free blog in

Now select “Start Blogging” option.

5. Start posting: Now you will get the New post publishing dashboard.

6. Now your Blog is ready to publish new articles.


Final Words:

Most of the new bloggers are starting their blogging journey on Google’s Blogspot platform. It is entirely free with unlimited space. The best feature of this Blogspot platform is natural to create a new blog and friendly dashboard., Simply everything is ready to start.  So Create a free blog on Blogspot platform within 5 minutes. Please share this post with your friends on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, etc.

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