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Contentmart is a global platform that has been connecting its customers to well-experienced and skilled freelance content writers for many years. Contentmart has so far been listed as one of the best freelance job sites, for its commitment to register the best writers it has attracted a pretty good number of clients.

Website owners are shifting their attention to Contentmart because they have realized the beauty of being a Contentmart client. You get the best content at an affordable price. Contentmart has also made an effort to balance between its customers and freelance writers, this way everyone goes home happy with no complaints whatsoever.

Contentmart review

What are Contentmart benefits for clients?

First, you get a free client membership to Contentmart, all you need to do is register yourself as a client and create a client profile or you can just log in using your Facebook account. So you get access to thousands of experienced content creators. Secondly, there are zero charges when you will be paying content writers you just pay them directly no commissions.

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Another benefit of Contentmart for clients is you get your content on time with no excuses or delays since Contentmart has fixed deadlines for its writers to ensure that your content is delivered on time without a fail. You also get 24/7 customer support, with friendly support team onboard, ready to assist when you need help.

How to place an order?

It is very simple to publish an order at Contentmart, now that you have a client account, it will be easy to post an order. Click on the new order, write the title, and then fill in the order description. Make the order description is detailed and give clear instructions so that it will be easy for the writer to understand your requirements and produce content as you desired.


You can write the instructions and other details like keywords on a word document or excel and share the file as an attachment, this allows you to write every detail you want to be considered no matter how small it might be and at the end you will get fine work since the writer will have all the details needed. Indicate the deadline date and time, so that the writer will not inconvenience with late submissions.

Now specify the category of writing, required expertise and preferred language, article quantity, word count per article and indicate any other special requirement like SEO, then click on publish order and there you have your order posted and you can start receiving bids from writers.

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What are Contentmart benefits for writers?

As a freelance writer at Contentmart you have lots of benefits. You get connected to thousands of potential customers, Contentmart has automated payment system that guarantees you your order money once the client approves your work.

Contentmart also makes sure they reward their freelance writer’s hard work by dividing them into different categories; standard (beginner) writers, experienced writers, verified and handpicked writers, this has created a source of motivation for the writers because the more you work hard and earn more stars, the more your profile becomes visible and it is easy for you to be picked by client for their projects.

In most cases, being Contentmart’s verified writer is the top most level. It means you have passed all three levels of English test, have a good star rating and have successfully delivered more than 80% of your work and written an essay to the Contentmart team and got approved. As a writer, you also get security for your payments, in this world, we are living in, it is hard to trust if you work for someone with no physical meeting if they will pay you after the work is done.

To avoid this mistrust Contentmart has take the responsibility to make sure its writers get paid after successfully delivering good writing service, they make sure the client makes a deposit of the order money before they choose a freelance writer, this money is then blocked until the work is done and the customers approve the order then automatically the writer receives the payment and if the customer rejects the order then they automatically get a refund.

How to bid on orders?

As a writer, the only way you are going to get projects is by placing bids on orders so clients will hire you. It is easy to place bids as a registered Contentmart writer, log in to your account and click on all orders, you will get access to all the orders as published by clients.

Read the order carefully to understand the customer’s requirements. If all the details are clear and you are sure you can deliver the order as per client’s expectations, click on the ‘bid on order’. Give your offer details, suggest you order price and if you are ok with the price and deadline then click on leave your offer.

There you have it your proposal will be sent to the client and if they are happy with your skill then definitely they will hire you.

contentmart - How it works

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Contentmart Affiliate Program:

Contentmart has a referral program where you get a commission for referring a client to Contentmart. The commission will be 10% each time the client gets content from Contentmart. This referral program is for everyone either writers or customers. All you need to do is click on the affiliate link on your account and you will get your referral link to invite customers.


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