How to add CommentLuv plugin for blogger blogs?

CommentLuv plugin is one of the excellent plugins for WordPress users, which gives excellent backlink activity for every commenter on your blog. Blogger default commenting system is actually secure, but reader interaction is too really significant. CommentLuv plugin is one of the Best WordPress Comment System in self-hosted WordPress blogs

How to add CommentLuv plugin for blogger blogs?So Most of the bloggers are proving their interest to get a backlink from the blog comments. So before publishing a post in your Blogspot blog, you need to replace the default commenting system.

Since blogger launch date, Google did not implement a commenting system. So most of the commenter are starting to comment on the WordPress CommentLuv system. If this plugin installs in blogger, your user engagement system becomes full.

So today I am starting to enforce this method “How to add CommentLuv plugin for Blogger blogs.”

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How to install CommentLuv plugin in WordPress Blogs?

Installation of the Plugin is a straightforward process. Just login into WordPress dashboard and then go for Plugin > Add New, and search with keyword “CommentLuv.” Simply click on Install Now and then activate the Plugin. Just adjust the settings in CommentLuv plugin page. That’s it.

How to integrate CommentLuv with Blogger Blogspot blogs?

To integrate the CommentLuv plugin into blogger blogs, follow the steps. To do this, we need to make use of the third-party website.

Step 1: Open IntenseDebate site:

Open IntenseDebate site and create an account by clicking on “Sign up”.

Use Intensedebate services to register to enable commentLuv plugin

Step.2: Register with Details:

Fill up the form with required details, then submits and click on the activation link from your Email account. Make sure to tick the option “I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website.”

Join now

Step 3: Go to Sites Option:

Now login to your IntenseDebate account then goes to Sites > Add Blog/Site.

add your blogspot blog URL here

Step 4: Add your Blog:

Enter the blog spot blog URL in website URL. Then click on “Next Step.”

add your blogspot blog URL here

Step 5: Choose Blog Platform:

Now select the Blogger platform “Choose Platform” then go to the Last step

Step 6: Follow the basic Instructions:

Installation follows the instruction to install this plugin on your blog. Tick mark on “All new posts” (Recommended).

follow the instructions given here

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Step 7: Backup existed Blogspot Template:

Now go to the Blogger dashboard, download your blogger template in “.XML” format from “Backup/Restore.”

First Backup your blogger template code

Download blogspot blogger templateStep 8: Upload Template and Modify the Code in Online:

In this step upload the blogger template now by clicking “Choose file” selection. Then click on “Upload file and continue” it.

uplod the blogger template

Now you will redirect to the below-given screen. Just copy the template code.

copy the modified blogger template code now

Step 10: Add the Modified Code in Blogspot Blog:

Go to your blogger profile and navigate to Template > Edit HTML. Select original code of your template by pressing Ctrl + A and replace it with code copied in the above step. This code is not damaging your original template code or anything else. Then “Save template.”

paste the blogger template modified code

Step 11: Activate CommentLuv feature:

Once done, click on the link which says “Configure this IntenseDebate account.” Then click on “Activate” to active the CommentLuv plugin.

configure the commentluv system

Activate commentLuv plugin in Blogger blogs


The CommentLuv plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin, which is used by most of the WordPress bloggers to interact with commenters. But on Blogger platform, there is no option to change the default comment system. (This is developed by WordPress team) integrating the CommentLuv system into your blogger blog code. It has spam protection system also. Just follow the above steps to integrate this plugin and enjoy as WordPress plugin. No doubt this is the best Commenting Platform for Blogspot users.

The procedure helps to Blogspot blog users to enable the CommentLuv plugin within 5 minutes.

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