How to Command Respect in the Workplace?

Everyone hates a mean boss. Why is he or she taking their anger out on subordinates? Leaders are actually bosses that you want to follow and work for.  They demand the best from you but do so in such a way that remains respectful. How to Command Respect in the Workplace? How can you gain that edge as a boss? The most fundamental way is to remain respectful to those reporting to you and respectful of yourself.

If you’ve recently received a promotion and are now responsible for a team of people, follow these recommendations from the experts and you’ll soon have a super productive team working in harmony.

How to Command Respect in the Workplace?
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How to Command Respect in the Workplace:

Be a part of the solution within your team – not a contributor of problems. If those that report to you are resentful or feel underappreciated, that will have to change in order to get your team and individual members excelling towards the same goal.

Take stock of yourself as a leader. If you don’t have self-respect, how can you ask others to respect you? Stand up tall, invest in a subtle makeover and take advantage of the savings a Groupon coupon can offer and splurge on an Invisalign program.

Your gorgeous smile will give you that self –confidence you may be lacking.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Work with them one on one to identify these and offer coaching and training where needed.

Make it very clear from the beginning that you expect each team member to pull their own weight. Take suggestions and recommendations from team members and avoid the rookie mistake of micromanaging.

If you empower your team with the concepts and tools to succeed –they’ll do just that. If you hold them back by second-guessing and micromanaging they will flounder. It’s textbook.

Enjoy your new position and never forget that leaders are not only looking for followers but are also constantly in learning mode themselves. Good luck to you!

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How to Command Respect in the Workplace?
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