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Buffer Social Media Management Tool: Useful Social Plugin

Any dissemination of your content on social networking sites is becoming increasingly important and has long been a profitable traffic source for your website.

Buffer Social Media Management Tool allows you a convenient planning and publication in several networks at the same time.

It also provides an interface to WordPress, which can be used with a plugin. We present to you today two of these plugins.

buffer social media management tool

What is Buffer App?

Buffer App is a great tool that brings you the same dual benefits. For one, you can use it to create and select multiple posts, in which social accounts they are posted and at what time.

You are linked your Buffer account because of all your desired social profiles and Buffer will do the rest for you.

Also, you can read exactly in the buffer, how many clicks have your individual links each generated.

To share your status on all social networking is possible with Buffer Social Media Management Tool.

Steps to Start Buffer Social Media Management Tool

After registering on Buffer App you can easily add and manage your accounts to the desired social networks.

In the free version of the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are and Google+. Buffer Extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome is also available.

buffer social media management tool

Then you have the change to try different settings for each profile to make regarding the content, frequency and timing of publication.

When creating new posts you can select each of which profile is being used and to go out at what time the mail.

Then you can use up to 140 characters and add an image.

You now have the opportunity via “Share Now” to publish your content immediately or by clicking on Buffer add an index, determines for which their publication in a schedule.

How to Link with WordPress?

For linking with WordPress there are several plugins. We have even looked at us two exemplary specimens closer. Buffer Social Media Scheduler is a very good choice.

WP to Buffer Social Media Management Tool:

After you have installed the plugin, you will need an access token to use it can. To arrange this within to create a new app of your Buffer Social Media Management Tool account.

Then you get the token notified and can activate your access.

buffer social media management tool

After that, you can set for your contributions, pages, etc., whether the buffer will be notified of any publication and update any of your content.

The plugin automatically detects if successful linking to buffer your active social network profiles and allows you to make separate settings.

Using different tags you can configure each display. Are possible your blog name, the title of the article, is a small excerpt, category, date, URL, and author.

buffer social media management tool

Pro version of Buffer Social Media Management Tool

For $39 (for a single site license) or $89 (Unlimited sites), and $149 (for Lifetime usage with Unlimited Domains) you can update version that offers you more possibilities the plugin on a per.

It allows you a separate configuration of your pages, posts or other content formats. You can decide exactly when it does not send an update to buffer and when.

Exact contents of the Pro version you can read here.

Buffer My Post:

With “Buffer My Post” Get to know another plugin for linking Buffer with your WordPress blog.

It allows you to extol old posts again and to distribute new posts on various social networks easily.

Buffer My Post offers these functions:

  • Parts new and past contributions
  • Timing of Tweets possible
  • No of Posts
  • Use of Hashtags
  • Exclude certain categories or posts

For this plugin, you must first enter the Access Token to active the plugin.

In the normal settings, you can then configure exactly using a variety of tags, the format for the publication in the buffer as in the WP Plugin to Buffer.

In addition, you can set a minimum and maximum age of your posts to be posted in Buffer. Also, you can include or exclude their individual categories.

buffer social media management tool

Exclude specific posts

The plugin also provides yet another menu where you can see a list of all your posts.

You can now select individual posts when required and to exclude from publication in Buffer.


Both plugins allow to easily create a link to your WordPress blog and the buffer service. But which is better now? Has “Buffer My Post” just ahead, as it offers more features while remaining free.

We emphasize here especially the exclusion of articles and categories.

“WP to Buffer” is equipped little weak in the free version and provides only for an update on the Premium version features extensively.

No doubt this is a great tool among all the Social Media Management Tools.

What do you think? Do you use one plugin or the buffer service at all?

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