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Bluehost provides users of the web space to store network data, images, files, videos, and more. Today I am going to share an article on Bluehost shared hosting review for WordPress Users.

There are hundreds of web hosting service providers are ready to give space to their hosting accounts. But in the hosting market, there are few hosting services are standing in the hosting market. In that I assume three Hosting services first one is Bluehost (This is always my first choice), secondly is iPage and the third one is Hostgator, A Small Orange.

In this space the blog owners, in addition to placing our site. We’ll get all information, files and multimedia content used on our blog. Do not be scared, because everything you do through your blogging platform, but it depends on the storage capacity of your hosting and the loading speed of your site, it will not fall and other factors.

Bluehost shared hosting review 2018

The payment for the web hosting service is usually annual or monthly and in addition to increased storage capacity will not have to suffer or annoy your readers with unwanted advertisements (including free hosts are sufficient to support yourself).

What about Bluehost

Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal: to make a better hosting company. Built on open source technology, we’ve since grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions.

Bluehost is a most famous web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. This is one of the 20 largest web hosting companies.

As the part of small and medium-sized business owners succeed online, Endurance, through its family of brands – including Bluehost, HostGator, iPage,, A Small Orange, MOJO Marketplace and ResellerClub.

In 2009, Bluehost introduced a new feature to all customers – CPU throttling (the process of reducing user’s CPU usage in whenever the particular user is pulling “too much” server resources at one time.

Update: In may 2015, Bluehost was hacked by Syrian Electronic Army along with Justhost, Hostgator, Hostmonster, and Fastdomain.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Review


Bluehost provides excellent service to its customers. It provides all the necessary features in a single hosting plan. Bluehost has a solid history, understand the support of a good team as affordable hosting plans.


Bluehost is a web hosting company established there in 1996. Bluehost has been in service for over 15 years now and has a solid history. Bluehost customer puts forward and provides excellent service. Now in this Bluehost shared hosting review, I am discussing a few of the best features collected from my experience.

  1. Bluehost reliable Service
  2. Plans and Pricing
  3. My experience with Bluehost server
  4. Support
  5. Accessible service and payment options
  6. Visits Limitation
  7. Additional add-ons – Free Domains, Emails, and Extras
  8. Bluehost Cpanel
  9. Bluehost Website Builder
  10. Add your Blog to Bluehost

1. Bluehost reliable Service 

Bluehost guarantees an online connection 99.9% uptime, which means that their servers remain online 99.9% of the time. Bluehost is slightly faster since they have 3 data centers with more than 70,000 feet square space hosting to multiple fiber lines 10 GB.

The company will feature small cuts periods during the year for maintenance. This is completely normal since they are looking for new ways to provide better service to their customers. Also, they have a power backup system to ensure that all servers are active during power problems.


2. Plans and Pricing

Unlike other hosting companies, Bluehost only offers a simple Bluehost shared hosting plan. You will not have to waste time comparing hosting plans and features. Bluehost provides all the necessary features are its unique hosting plan.

If you’re new to create a website, you will find everything super easy on Bluehost. You can set up your page in less than 10 minutes.

The plan of “special” Bluehost shared hosting offers the following features:

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • You realize unlimited e-mail
  • Website builder with free templates
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • $ 100 in advertising credits on Google

The Bluehost Shared hosting Plans and Pricing are given below

Basic Plan:

Normally $7.99 / Month

  • 1 Year Plan – $5.95 /month
  • 2 Year Plan – $4.95 / Month
  • 3 Year Plan – $3.95 / Month

Plus Plan : (Most Popular Plan)

Normally $10.99 / month

  • 1 Year Plan – $8.95 /month
  • 2 Year Plan – $7.95 / Month
  • 3 Year Plan – $6.95 / Month

Business Pro Plan :

Normally $23.99 / month

  • Business Pro 12 months Price – 19.95 / month
  • Business Pro 24 months Price – 16.95 / month
  • Business Pro 36 months Price – 14.95 / month

Prices tend to change periodically. So use the button below to see prices.

Bluehost shared webhosting pricing

3. My experience with Bluehost server

I have been using for 2 years with my personal blog, another time we’ll talk about others if you want to do a comparative research before choosing the best option for your needs. It included CloudFlare system. The Bluehost Optimized Hosting for WordPress is perfect.


4. Customer Support

Bluehost offers 24-hour technical support, you can even connect with them on social networks and send them a message if you need help with anything, usually the response is immediate, and never take more than 24 hours to respond.


5. Accessible service and payment options 

The service cost about $5 a month, and you can choose to pay monthly or annually (as I do with one of my personal blogs). Access to services is unlimited and not have the load limit, with confidence can upload large files.


6. Visits Limitations

This is an important point to keep in mind, perhaps you believe that your blog does not receive a huge amount of visits. So the support of visits is not a problem, but think would happen if you write a post that becomes very popular and overnight.

Start receiving thousands of extra visitors to your blog, and you do not have adequate support from your server. Simply collapse your blog, will fall and lose that traffic extra, they can also help better position your blog on Google with a certain topic.


7. Additional Add-ons:

Free Domains, Emails, and Extras

Bluehost also offer free domain hosting with unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains until 2500 POP E-Mails (these are the emails that can be personalized with the name of your domain, the bone of your blog). The control panel is straightforward and easy accessibility.

Bluehost has many free scripts and plugins, famous for WordPress, Joomla, ModX, Drupal. Also, scripts for e-commerce, list email, live chat, photo gallery, forums and more. Bluehost is the US-based company. Two years back it was launched in India also.

All this is perhaps a lot more than I ever will use your blog, but more importantly, you do not have traffic restrictions or data storage.

8. Bluehost cPanel

BlueHost has deployed an incredibly customized version of cPanel which looks clean and simple. The Bluehost Control panel is very good with easy interface. The Bluehost shared hosting cPanel having standard features and setting having in all hosting companies.

bluehost cpanel

In Bluehost, you can install scripts CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other scripts in a single click.


9. Bluehost Website Builder

This is the unique feature in Bluehost hosting. By using Website builder, you can create your pages easily. With this tool, you can drag the various elements that will allow you to build your website with lots of templates and elements readily available.

No need to know HTML or any other programming language to use this tool. We have tested this tool is handy and easy to use.


10. Add your Blog to Bluehost

If you consider that this server meets your expectations and personally recommend as a good option, click here to register to Bluehost. I hope these tips serve you and do not miss the next installment we’ll talk about other servers or hosting services like Bluehost good reputation.

Install your favorite scripts from bluehost control panel

Additional Resources

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Conclusion :

This is a special Bluehost Shared Hosting Review. The above points will give the best understand on Bluehost Shared hosting services. I am providing a special discount coupon for new bloggers, new hosting buyers and for already existed users (Register new account and you can shift the blogs to the new account). Best Shared Web Hosting is Bluehost shared hosting.

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Happy Blogging to all.

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