Blogger Tools : 5 Apps That Will Make Your Blog More Prominent

Hello Bloggers, Today I am here to share a  special Blogging tools – five best Blogger Tools and Apps using bloggers. This would help you to introduce simple blogging tools those are helpful for every blogger’s blogging journey to improve blog more prominent. No need to depend on other technical persons.

Running a blog has established itself as a prominent marketing platform for businesses, both big and small. Bloggers are adept at getting the buzz started and staying on top of emerging trends. They seek to build a strong community and attract thousands of people to consider certain products, services, ideas, etc. The huge selection of tools can be overwhelming, though facing bloggers with a dilemma of where to dedicate their time and resources. One boat you cannot afford to miss is establishing connections with successful bloggers and letting them act as your brand advocates.

Blogger Tools : 5 Apps That Will Make Your Blog More Prominent

A Blogger Tools: 5 Special Apps:

Here I am introducing best blogger tools that every blogger needs.

1. Gmail canned responses:

Guest blogging is the mainspring of your endeavor to move up the ladder in the blogosphere. It also serves as an efficient tactic of building links and thus improving the rankings in Google. The correspondence is a process of trial and error, but Gmail canned responses, a tool located in Gmail Lab tab, provides users with email templates and helps them take productivity to the next level. This is one of the great blogging tools for beginners

gmail canned response example

Gmail canned responses can be efficient in forging both responses and initial approaches. Yet, it would be wise to edit a section of the template to infuse the mail with the personal feel. Namely, offers to other bloggers must be rooted in proper research and you must be careful not to lose the human touch.  Be straightforward and professional, and do not waste other people’s time and use Gmail canned responses for quick response.

2. BuzzStream:

Reaching out to other established bloggers can still be an intricate process. They are pitched by marketers and contacted by god-knows-who on a daily basis. Someone in that situation will not heed you unless you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Even worse, they could become irritated and tarnish your reputation instead of boosting it.

buzzstream blogging tool screenshot

To ensure a better likelihood of forming lasting connections, you should employ the BuzzStream. It gives you a full history of the interactions and keeps any notes that have been added. Moreover, one may gain access to the RSS feed with all the prospect’s recent content and a bunch of domain metrics.  At last, users enjoy the option of receiving periodic reports on published blog posts and see how they are doing.

3. BuzzSumo :

This piece of software is a blog search and reputation management platform. Many are those who use it to find appropriate collaboration opportunities, analyze the social media landscape and get a hold of the published content. So, BuzzSumo is on the lookout for the best performing content, based on factors such as likes and shares.

buzzsumo content analysis tool screenshot

The results can be filtered by time frames, helping you determine popular topics that have been covered by bloggers in your niche. The best targets are naturally those with top results, and after mastering the functionalities, you will get a clear idea of what readers want to see. Valuable insights are this tool’s strong point, but to take advantage of them, you will need other weapons in the arsenal.

4. Dibz :

As we have mentioned, creating links to other blogs is a great way to set up an empowering framework for increasing visibility. Alas, prospecting is a time-consuming activity that can easily put you at your wit’s end. Google is still a sound option when engaging in link building, but what it lacks are filters and cutting-edge anti-spam algorithms that allow you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

dibz link building tool screenshot

Therefore, marketing agencies and SEO experts invest time to find a link building tool that automates the process and filters out unworthy prospects. The solution comes in the form of Dibz, an advanced platform for utilizing sortable search results, assessing the quality of potential targets, obtaining live preview about them and cherry-picking the best of the best.

5. MozBar:

This one is an excellent, all-around SEO instrument available for Firefox and Chrome. Many webmasters consider it to be the gold standard: its capabilities include crucial metrics like page and domain authority, as well as tons of other features. A SERP overlay of these metrics may aid you in initial quality checking, and as a blogger, you can also get into no follow highlighting and links to traffic data sites.

mozbar seo tool screenshot

Another cool possibility is to export SERPs from a Firefox to a CSV file and use these elements in synergy with other blogger’s tools. Of course, keyword research and generator capacities, as well as a lively Moz community will come in handy for anyone conducting SEO campaigns, further strengthening the pillars supporting the dazzling success of your blog. MozBar is having some free blogging tools.

Get a voice in the blogosphere:

A blogosphere is bustling with activity, with many marketers and SEOs powering their engines and flocking to this exciting digital galaxy. You can become a trusted voice in the niche by knowing who is who and what kind of content steals the show. Some of the functions may daunt even seasoned marketers and SEOs, implying that newcomers need time to develop deeper understating of various tools. At last, with the new apps (Blogger tools) constantly popping up, we expect to see new killer additions to the essential blogger’s arsenal.  

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