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Blogspot is the blogging services from Google. These are free blogging platform for new bloggers. This category providing the details about Basics of Blogspot blogs, Blogger SEO, Blogger settings, blogger tutorials and many more.

How to add CommentLuv plugin for blogger blogs?

CommentLuv plugin is one of the excellent plugins for WordPress users, which gives excellent backlink activity for every commenter on your blog. Blogger default commenting system is actually secure, but reader interaction is too really significant. CommentLuv plugin is one of the Best WordPress Comment System in self-hosted WordPress blogs So Most of the bloggers […]

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How to Stop Blogger Redirect to Country Specific Domain

Since 2012, Google redirecting their Blogger blogs to country specific domain extensions. For example, If you open “” in your browser, it redirects to as “” (if you are in India) or “” (If you are in France). This implementation was done by Google because of Selective censorship (to block a blog or page easily). […]

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