Blogger Beginner’s Guide: How to improve the SEO of your blog (Part 2)

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This is certainly as many questions as you asked. Do not worry; I will try to provide some answers here. Before going further, I still want to say that this article is the second in a series on SEO and optimizing a blog. Every blogger should know the basic knowledge in their work.

  • How to reference my blog on Google?
  • How to be on the first Google page?
  • How to generate free traffic to my blog?
  • How to get more hits to my site?

You can read the first part here

If this is done, so here’s more of my tips:

1. Blog more often (Blogger)

Regularly publish articles on a blog is important for anyone who wants to improve his ranking and generate more visitors to his blog . It is a way to invite the search engines to visit your blog regularly.

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If in addition to the regular publication you add relevance in your content, then you can be sure that after a few months, a search engine like Google will send hundreds of visitors every day.

Believe it or not, the fact is that there is a real correlation between the frequency of publication and the traffic generated thereafter. Sites that publish more often receive a greater number of unique visitors daily. And the number of unique visitors also depend on the number of relevant articles per day.

Example: In the same period, and of equal relevance, a site that publishes three articles per day content, will generate much more traffic than a site that publishes a single day. In addition, blogging regularly is the only way (effective) to build a loyal readership. If you rarely publish and randomly throughout the year, be aware that you will be very difficult to build a loyal readership.

2. Post at the same time

In addition to publishing regularly on your blog, you should also think about publishing at the same time . Write in advance and schedule your hours and days of publication. Preferably, publish early in the morning if you want you item is read by a maximum number of visitors and loyal readers.

3. Publish unique content:

The most important thing is not to publish something relevant. Not. Your article must be unique. The presence of duplicated content (duplicate content) can severely affect the ranking of your blog.

Copying content from other sites will have a negative impact on your SEO efforts. Previously, this technique worked quite well and allowed many webmasters to generate a consistent traffic to their site. But now, a few years ago, Google has decided to change the situation .

Articles from directory sites free articles rights now pose a danger to your blog. Do not use . And if you do not believe me, just look at the positioning of these sites on Google, and you realize that despite the thousands of items they contain, they are very poorly referenced. It’s just if you are on the third page of search results.

It’s the same with the publication of invited papers . You should publish articles on sites that generate at least 3,000 visitors per day . Otherwise, publish your content on your own blog.

Remember this: the best web content must always be on your blog and elsewhere.

When the guest posting (publication of invited papers ) arrived in many bloggers “experts” told how it was the miracle method to generate maximum traffic and gain notoriety. For many of them, it was actually a ruse to encourage some users to post their articles on their blogs (blogs entrepreneurs who claimed he was a huge source of traffic ).

On my blog, I presented the disadvantages of this marketing tactic, and they were likely to criticize my point of view. But where are we today? Very few bloggers believe now. Okay back to the subject of the article … Post a unique and original content remained.

4. Accept the invited papers:

Yes, yes, yes. You’re probably wondering if I do not get mad. Rest assured this is not yet the case. The invited papers can dramatically improve traffic to your site. However, you should know that unless you become an influential blogger, very few bloggers will offer articles. Normal, they want to know that the publication of their articles on your blog will have a real impact on their blog traffic.

So if you are a beginner blogger, do not dream . The only items you may receive from other, beginner bloggers who, in most cases, the same article republishing (of questionable quality) on their own blog shortly after. And this is one of the dangers of this form of marketing: duplicate content.

The other risk with this traffic source is that the host (the blogger who accepts the article) is not very often a great knowledge of the subject on which he has an article. So, it will publish a content which is not even sure of the relevance. So remember to only accept articles on topics that you know.

5. Write long articles

Generally, we are all disappointed when we click on a catchy title and then land on a fairly short content. What disappoints us most is the lack of information. It is no longer a secret, Google loves long articles . It is still necessary to be relevant and useful. So remember to write long articles. You might tell me: when an article is very long, tired view of the visitor who eventually leave the page without reading to the end . And I tell you that it all depends on the relevance of the article. And it is defined by each player. I also noticed that it is better to publish a long article to divide in series. But hey, it’s up to you.

6. Good charity begins at yourself

You (yourself) to share each article you publish on your blog. Keep in mind that many readers share only when they realize that someone else has shared the item before them. It is a call to action that should increase the number items shared on your site.

Sharing on social networks is a quality index for Google, this could quickly reference your page on the first Google page.

7. Teach your readers something to

a player’s loyalty is always interested. He will not come to your blog for its beauty, it will do for what your blog brings him more. You do not need to publish to post, you need to do to teach them something specific to your readers. Consider each item as a lesson. Teach something specific to your readers. Educate them , tell them things and they will remain loyal as long as it will.

8. Link your new items to old

Make a link to an old article improves its SEO. It is also a great way to keep longer a player on your blog. Be careful though not to link any item. Each of your links should redirect you to a page that provides additional information.

Note this:

  • More a website or blog grow, the more it gains trust search engines
  • The more your articles contain relevant links, the better they are referenced
  • Plus you have internal links, the better your blog is referenced.

9. Always put your blog software update

If you use WordPress, then I highly recommend. updates not only bring new features, they also fix some security holes. ‘s greatest scourge in the universe blogging today is piracy. If you do not want to lose access to your blog or, lose years of work, put your blog up to date.

Well, I know that updating a blog can be scary the first time. But it is a task that does not require that two clicks and presto! Your blog is updated. All you have to do is click on the link “update” , and then click the blue button “update” . And that’s all.

And so far you do not want to take any chances, you can always contact your host and ask them to update your site. Some web hosting companies take care of everything for you, while others will see you to tutorials.

10. Divide your paragraphs into smaller blocks

Very few players are willing to read long paragraphs. Paragraphs are too dense art quickly transform the reading chore.

How does this influence he referencing your blog?

It’s simple: a blogger who does not read your article through not sharing. Normal, nobody shares what he did not understand. To ensure that your message gets easier, you must treat the presentation of your products.

Here are some writing tips to consider:

  • Use bullets instead of long strings of words separated by commas.
  • Write paragraphs that contain a maximum of four sentences.
  • Put the title of your paragraphs in bold. You can also change the color and increase their size

11. Use relevant images

Many bloggers add images in their products because they have been told that it is good for SEO. And very often, some of these images have no connection with the content to which they are linked.

If this is your case, here is the golden rule in using an image in an article, use only images that add value to your products . An image that adds value to a product is the one that perfectly illustrates a point made. Each image must have a meaning.

12. Put the important point bold

Unfortunately, most readers will not read your beautiful prose. To retain at least the gist of your message, you must make it bold … just as I do in this article. There is another advantage to this approach: the key words and phrases in bold are greater consideration from the search engines.

Be careful though not to cram your article bold words. Do it only when it makes sense.

13. Last tip bonus: save your database

At any time, your database may be corrupted or blog can be hacked. So be sure to always have a backup of it. You do not need to do it manually if you do not know anything. Use one of the plugins include: WP Backup database – Wp-DBManager .

Each of these plugins has an autosave feature. The backup files will be sent by email to the frequency (off) of your choice.


As you can see, referencing a blog requires more than just listing a directory. It mainly requires a minimum of knowledge, but also a lot of patience. I’m curious what you think of this article. Please leave a comment if you found it useful.

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