Blog Security: Biggest issue for WordPress Users (How to Secure)

Blog Security is the biggest issue for WordPress users. When people think about keeping their blog secure it usually revolves around making sure their site can’t be hacked by having the latest software updates, the best security plugins, and high-quality passwords for all systems. However, what is less frequently discussed is the need for secure backup methods.

Blog Security: Biggest issue for WordPress Users (How to Secure)
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Basic Blog Security Tips

Choose Backup Plans

Let’s begin with what is potentially the most intimidating component of blog security for many bloggers, backing up content.

This seems incredibly complicated for those who have minimal computer experience and rely on the ease of WordPress or similar user-friendly platforms to express themselves.

Fortunately, there are many options that make backing up your valuable content easy enough for anyone.

All original content should go into a word processing program and be saved prior to being uploaded to your blog. This is your first line of defense no matter what method you utilize.

An external hard drive is probably the easiest method. You simply plug it in and enter your password at set intervals and save new data to the device. Then you take it somewhere secure, such as a fire-resistant safe in your home or a safety deposit box, and store it there until the next designated backup time.

You can also use a cloud-based subscription service that you can automatically schedule to backup files on the blog or from your computer at regular periods. The downside to this method is a recurring cost and the fact that your data is not physically accessible to you.

Software Updates

This is another issue that many people overlook. There is a tendency to believe that all updates happen automatically as they occur with apps on smartphones.

However, most computer software has to be manually updated or permissions have to be set to complete updates automatically. It is important to keep track of any updates to ensure a truly secure environment.

Your blog theme, server settings, and plugins may all require updating as bugs and security weaknesses are detected and rectified. If you fail to follow through with recommended software updates it can leave you exposed to the issues that have been discovered.

If you are unsure of which software may need to be updated, consult the customer service area of each developer. Some of the items that may need to be updated are your blogging platform, internet browser, plugins, and operating system.

Powerful Plugins and Passwords

Plugins and passwords may be the most frequently addressed security issue in the field of blogging. This is probably because developers make sure to inform people of the security benefits their product provides.

There are a great many plugins available and knowing exactly which one to trust with the security of your blog can be challenging.

One way to ensure only the best plugins are chosen is by consulting industry experts and looking for high-quality reviews of individual offerings and comparing them to similar choices to find what best fits your needs.

This last tip might seem self-evident to many veteran bloggers. but you would be amazed how many people still make their password, “password.”

Choose a password that has both upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It should be at least twelve characters in length. To further boost the security of your choice it should be randomly generated and changed every six months.

Finally, make sure each password is unique and not used for multiple logins.

Final Words:

Creating a blog takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. Bloggers work hard for the content they create and all too often find years of work destroyed due to a security breach or technical glitch. Take all possible steps to ensure your work and creativity is protected.

Blog Security: Biggest issue for WordPress Users (How to Secure)
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