Best Themeforest WordPress Themes for WordPress Users

ThemeForest is broadcasting premium WordPress themes platform. ThemeForest WordPress Themes are very good themes for WordPress users, where freelancers and independents can easily sell their creations of WordPress themes and another HTML file.

ThemeForest is powered by Envato society Australian company founded by Collis Taeed, Cyan, and Ta’eed Jun Rung.

ThemeForest WordPress Themes offers exceptional quality and it is not for nothing that I can say today that Themeforest is the largest and one of the best marketplaces to buy your WordPress themes.

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Furthermore and despite the majority of WordPress themes that are paid, it is possible to find free WordPress themes and plugins on Themeforest.

The ThemeForest WordPress themes are very effective and responsive than other free.

ThemeForest WordPress themes are classified according to well-defined categories:

  • Blog / Magazine: Over 600 Blog / Magazine WordPress themes are available
  • Creative: Over 1300 Creative WordPress themes are available
  • Corporate: Over 1,100 Corporate WordPress themes are available
  • Retail: More than 100 Retail WordPress themes are available
  • Technology: Over 50 Technology WordPress themes are available
  • Nonprofit: Over 70 Non-Profit WordPress themes are available
  • Entertainment: Over 120 Entertainment WordPress themes are available
  • Miscellaneous: More than 60 Miscellaneous WordPress themes are available
  • Mobile: Over 50 Mobile WordPress themes are available
  • BuddyPress: More than 30 BuddyPress WordPress themes are available
  • eCommerce : Over 180 eCommerce WordPress themes are available

As you can see, you can choose from over 3,700 WordPress themes on ThemeForest. This figure is constantly changing because many WordPress themes are added every day to our delight.

The price of a WordPress theme from Themeforest

  • On the pricing of WordPress themes at ThemeForest, this varies from WordPress theme to theme. Generally, price ranges from $ 20 to $ 60. So the theme Commerce – Versatile & Responsive WordPress Theme,  it will cost around $64. This is one of the most expensive WordPress themes.
  • In the other direction, one of the cheapest WordPress themes from ThemeForest is the theme PortBook – WordPress Template Booklet available for just $ 20.
  • The great strength of the site is that it ThemeForest offers also WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are quite accessible in price, with plugins that range from $ 3 to over $ 20. (See the list of WordPress plugins here: ThemeForest WordPress Plugins)

How to buy a WordPress theme on Themeforest?

If you have any doubts about the quality of the WordPress theme you want to buy on Themeforest, here are some ideas to help you:

  • View the number of sales: Although this element might sound silly to watch, know that the best WordPress themes, in terms of quality and design are logically the most sold on this platform. Indeed, some themes of their qualities are highlighted by the team Themeforest.
  • View number of stars: Themeforest had a good idea to set up a rating system, open to those bought a theme or plugin home. Generally, the given note (5) is a good indicator. Beware, though; sometimes WordPress themes sold at low copies appear at the top of their categories. To avoid this trap, do not hesitate to combine this information with the number of sales.
  • Watch comments: The comments often reflect the quality of a WordPress theme on Themeforest. This notion comments for Themeforest will allow me to tell you about the media appearance. Although WordPress themes manufacturers are not supposed to support people who have not bought their theme, one can judge the general mood. If the manufacturer of WordPress theme is slow to respond or responds evasively, you can go your way!

My opinion on Themeforest WordPress themes

If you are looking for Themeforest WordPress themes

Before purchasing the themes check the above points then make the purchase. No need to pay any additional charges. The interface is so easy and user-friendly to make your purchase within a few seconds.

Personally, I bought a dozen WordPress themes on Themeforest and I did not have any particular problem. I appreciate the choice that does not offer me any other platforms.

Best Themeforest WordPress Themes for WordPress blog lovers

Here I listed a few of the top-rated themes from the ThemeForest WordPress themes platform.

1. X WordPress Theme by THEMECO

X WordPress Theme X fits into the trend of WordPress themes “Swiss Army Knife“. With a single theme, you might as well do a showcase site, an e-commerce site, the possibilities seem endless priorities.

  • SEO Optimized: Your SEO will without too much fuss.
  • Easily translatable: A website in English or any other language, the theme is automatically using the supportive language customizer.
  • Coded properly: No major problems here. The developers have done their job properly.
  • Compatible E-Commerce: If you want to sell your products, this is not a problem.

This is one of the founding elements of X. Fully WordPress theme based on customization; the theme will allow you to stand out even if thousands of people have this theme.

As you can see in the picture below, the “Customizer” X WordPress theme will allow you to pay via a single interface, using the WordPress customization panel, the various settings that are to be applied to your theme.

If you do not want to go into too complicated settings, be aware that you have 4 presets in X themes:

  • Integrity: the most flexible and generic theme, adaptable for any type of website.
  • Renew Themes more oriented blog or portfolio.
  • Icon: minimalist theme, to suit the personal blog.
  • Ethos: Full Theme-oriented magazine.

In addition to these presets, you can enjoy yourself quickly and easily with all aspects of your website. Color to the size of your fonts and buttons you, you really have hold of your WordPress theme to give it color and the look you want.

The technology in the X WordPress theme

According to the words of the creators of the X WordPress theme, top experts have collaborated to give the user who has chosen this theme the key for a successful website.

The website of the options is very long for me to keep your list here. This theme is a real little gem and without any surprise that I decided to put it up on one of my sites!

2. Bucket WordPress Theme

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For your pleasure and mine, the WordPress theme you will facilitate this insertion Bucket! But it may be that this functionality is integrated subsequently given its importance.

The Bucket WordPress theme incorporates a scoring system if you ever have in mind to test a product or service. This rating system is really well built.

As so often, when testing a product or service, it is fun and interesting to insert several photos to illustrate your points.

3. Inovado

The Inovado WordPress theme also includes many features like support of SEO native and a dashboard that has many options that allow you to take control of your WordPress theme quickly and easily.

Special features:

  • woocommerce supportive
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina ready theme
  • It is fully customizable
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Comes with Premium sliders
  • Comes with Layered PSD files
  • Great useful Video tutorials

 If you want to have your WordPress theme Inovado in another language, know that translation is possible because it has been thought upstream.

Small features are particularly appreciated that seem trivial but which makes those details end up counting a lot.

I think of the header of the WordPress theme that can remain sticky. If you scroll down your content, your header will remain visible, which is still some comfort for your users that n ‘will no longer need to go up the page to access the different menus.

The design is very clean, in the trend of what is done now.

I just regret that I judge a design mat. Indeed, it lacks that little touch of madness which makes the WordPress theme Inovado not going to stay in people.

4. Jarida WordPress Theme

The Jarida WordPress theme has an interesting feature for our friends who wish to set up a website in Arabic or Hebrew: RTL (Right to Left). Clearly, the text is read from right to left. It has a rigorous system in these languages instead of reading from left to right, as is the case in our language. No need to tweak the source code of your WordPress theme!

Special features:

  • Built-in Review system (rich snippet)
  • Customizable home page by drag and drop
  • Unlimited combinations of colors
  • 35 default embedded widgets
  • 7 types of pages
  • Responsive Google Adsense design
  • Specially coded mega menu for categories
  • Schema SEO Rich snippet review Microdata
  • Sticky navigation menu integrated
  • Morethan 650 Google web fonts integrated
  • More than 30 shortcodes

As mo3aser author is nice and concerned with its customers, it offers more than complete documentation to fully take over its theme Jarida. You will find FAQs and video tutorials also if are facing any troubles with this theme in theme configuration.

Jarida is perfectly prepared to get a high ranking on search engines. It’s built with web standards and SEO best practices in mind.

The Jarida WordPress theme is fully responsive, RTL supportive, WooCommerce ready with Drag and drop homepage builder.

5. Sahifa WordPress Theme

Sahifa is the most popular and friendly interface theme. This is the number 1 top-selling theme. The backend interface of the theme options is very good.

Special features:

  • A clean and responsive and retina ready design
  • Built-in Review System (rich snippet)
  • The phenomenal number of options in this theme
  • Available directly in English and it is translatable coding

You can choose a predefined color (Sahifa integrates over 6 defaults) or then fully customize the display of your website by adding a background image or logo and slogan of your choice.

If your blog is dedicated to reviews of products or services, please note that a rating system is included by default. You can choose to display stars or percentages and choose the location of your note in your article: in the beginning, the end or at the beginning and the end!

Another big Advantage of Sahifa WordPress theme is, already have a translation feature from one language to another language.  Thus not need more time to translate this theme. It includes languages like German, Arabic, Croatian, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese…

We highly recommend the Sahifa WordPress theme, which is a gem. This view is shared by almost 3,400 people on Themeforest since this topic is one of the best-selling themes sales platforms!

6. Avada WordPress Theme

Avada 5.0 includes the new fusion builder. Rebuilt from the group up to be significantly improved in every way. The team’s months of hard work that will not only continue to expand functionality via add-ons but will change your outlook on what a theme can do.

Special features:

  • The theme is 100% fully Responsive, every element included in the theme are fully responsive.
  • Fusion builder feature included. It is a visual page builder that allows you to create beautiful, stunning pages with little effort
  • Retina ready theme
  • Smart shortcode generator feature.
  • Specially built-in Mega menu which is perfect for large menus
  • Beautiful pre-built layouts
  • 100% WooCommerce, bbPress compatible

The theme includes over 80 new features to make building professional websites much easier.


Themeforest WordPress Themes are very well responsive and customization themes. These are suitable for personal blogs, News Blogs, Entertainment blogs, and Service blogs. Try to pick one best ThemeForest WordPress themes from the above list, which is suitable for your blog and install in your blog, configure it properly.

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