Top 13 Best Internet Marketing Tools for Bloggers

Internet Marketing is the most popular term, frequently used on most of the professional blogs. Here every blogger, affiliates, and digital marketing agencies are using some internet marketing tools. Without these tools, they cannot succeed in the online business. What Are Marketing Tools? Most of the tools are premium means; you must pay few dollars every month. Here I am providing 13 best and top Internet marketing tools.

best internet marketing tools for bloggers

I am using few of the Internet Marketing tools in my daily schedules. Here I am listing some tools as per category.

Best Internet Marketing Tools List

PPC Tools:

Recommended PPC Tools:

1. Google Keyword Planner :

Google Keyword Planner is one of the excellent free tools from Google Adwords services. You need an Adwords account to use it. This is not only for PPC. This can help to identify a wide range of keywords and associated data for uses in SEO, Adwords, and Affiliate campaigns.  It helps me to get most searchable keywords for my articles and products. Personally, I am using to pick high search volume and Low competition keywords from here. This is an excellent and free Online Marketing tool for Keyword Research.

recommended hosting

2. Soovle :

soovle engine

Soolve is a very good tool. It has autocompleted suggestions search bar connected with nearly 15 search engines and other sites including Wikipedia, Amazon, and YouTube.

soovle results page

I am using these tools to get a list of keywords from different search engines at one place. This is a completely free tool.

3. SpyFu :

spyfu - best Internet Marketing Tools

SpyFu is an awesome tool to do competitive analysis. It’s giving very cool features to download your competitor keywords list in CSV format. It has a really nice interface with plenty of important information at a glance.

spyfu result page

I am using this tool to get an idea of competitor’s keywords and CPC of the particular keyword.

4. KeywordSpy :

keywordspy homepage

KeywordSpy is another great tool to get data as Ad copy Keyword combination information; Adwords spend data for entire sites. It can help for PPC marketers. I am using these tools to get competitors information and their used keywords. Really helpful for Adsense users and Affiliate marketing users. This tool offers both Free and Premium versions. In the free version, they are providing the usage with limitation.

5. LongTail Pro :

Long Tail Pro Review Top keyword research weapon for Internet Marketers

Long tail Pro is an excellent and useful tool for every blogger. This tool helps you to pick and analyze the Long tail keywords to write articles. The World’s Most Complete Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software. I am using this Longtail Pro version right now. I am going to upgrade to Platinum version within few days. Personally, I am suggesting these tools.

Simply this is the perfect tool for Internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, E-commerce stores, Content Marketers, SEO, Product Creators, Social Media Experts, Retargeting, Bloggers, Offline businesses, Paid Advertisers.

Long Tail Pro Review Top keyword research weapon for Internet Marketers (2)

  • LongTail Pro is FASTER than ever! I’m talking 8x FASTER than Market Samurai.
  • Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword – with the ability to capture literally thousands of keywords in seconds.
  • Generates keywords as well as domains to create target specific websites
  • Search for keywords which you can use in the blogs of your authority sites
  • Gives more exposure to your conventional business using strategic keyword targeting.

6. SemRush :

SEMRUSH for keyword research

Blogging Den resources - bluehost

WordPress Recommended Hosting

  • Bluehost is one of the largest, most popular, and trusted web hosting services.
  • It hosted more than 2 million sites since they were started in 2003.
  • The shared hosting is using innovating CPU Throttling technology.
  • Grab the 66% discount and start your blog or online business.

SEMrush is a multi-functional SEO tool. This is 100% certified product by SEO experts to outrank their competitors. This tool currently has more than 700,000 active users and showing more than 120+ million keywords. SEMrush is an incredible tool to find great keywords,

  • you can analyze competitors backlinks,
  • you can check website traffic,
  • you can fix website issues

This tool is coming with Free and Paid version. In Free version, there are limitations in their results. It shows only top 10 results of the entire list. For blogging den readers, I am providing 30 days free trial to get maximum benefits from this tools. It worth nearly $69.


SEO tools

Recommended SEO Tools:

1. Google suggest :

google suggest keywords tool

  • Google Suggest is the name of Google’s Autocomplete function. Google suggest is not a special tool. When you open Google search engine, enter any keyword. The search bar suggests the associated terms list in a drop-down menu.
  • These suggestions are based on the most frequently searched terms. For example, if the user enters the word “insurance”, they suggest the associated terms like “Insurance Policy”, “Insurance Institute of India”, “insurance companies in India” are suggested. This auto-complete helps to save time and gives the additional information about the researching topic.
  • By using this free tool, you can find some frequently searching keywords.

2. Ahrefs :

ahref site to detect 404 not available pages

  • Ahrefs is one of the most powerful sites, it helps to analyze the results of Social media and SEO tools.
  • The tool is helpful to analyze the domains health like it shows the complete report on technical crawl errors, new links, new referring domains, Ahrefs domain rating and URL ranking.
  • To get this version, It requires a credit card to get free trial version also.

3. Majestic SEO:

majestic SEO homepage

Majestic SEO is a Link analysis tool. This tool maintains its own web crawler (MJ12).  It helps to analyze your site/blog’s backlinks all over the web.

  • The largest commercial link intelligence database in the world, Majestic crawls the web and views around a billion URLs a day.
  • They then analyze this data via their Flow Metrics algorithm and share the results so that you can illuminate your business presence on the web, and improve your Search Engine Ranking.

5. OpenSiteExplorer :

Open Site Explorer is one of the good SEO tools. It is invaluable not just to SEO. This is the primary tool for every SEO analyst and blogger to know Domain Authority (DA) of the Blog.

  • Use Open Site Explorer to identify link building opportunities.
  • Research backlinks, identify top pages, view social activity, and analyze anchor text.

6. CommentLuv :

CommenttLuv is the Commenting system plugin. This is a popular WordPress plugin that helps to attract readers, socialize your comments and viral your posts automatically. This plugin gives the reward to your readers with high-quality backlinks with do follow nature. This plugin included a special features protection from bots, human spam.

This is very good free Internet Marketing Tools. This plugin is available from WordPress plugin dashboard as a free version with limited features. In premium version, this plugin developed with more than 8 plugins like GASP, TwitterLink, KeywordName, ReplyMe and some other plugins.

I am using CommentLuv free version in all my blogs including this blog.

7. MaxCDN :MaxCDN

MaxCDN is a Content Delivery Network provider. The MaxCDN Company started in Los Angeles, California. This CDN network helps to reduce the latency of rich content delivery. It maintains regional edge servers. This edge server replicates the customer files in multi-locations around the world.

Everyone knows the site loading time show the major impact on site ranking. After Google Panda update, this system users are increasing day by day. This system helps to improve site loading time, means it reduces the loading time. Some of the popular sites like NextWeb, BuySellAds, and Disques are using this system.

We are providing 20% Off on MaxCDN for Blogging Den readers.


What Are Marketing Tools? The above Internet Marketing Tools are the most popular Premium and free marketing tools. I am using few of the services given above. If you are blogger or marketer, personally I am suggesting SEMRUSH and Long Tail Pro is best tools for Keyword research.  In SEO tools list, selected few top internet marketing tools. I checked every tool personally before writing this article.

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Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

Satish Kumar Ithamsetty is a full-time blogger since 2009. This blog is to support every blogger & Marketer. He helps 100+ new bloggers and 10,000+ readers by this blog. He writes on Blogging, SEO, SMO etc.

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Tim Brown

From SEO tools No#2-Ahrefs is the best what is very important for me and another blogger. It has no alternative. By the way, all these above tools are really useful for digital marketing business.


Hi Satish,

Thanks for your article.

Most of those tools are essential for any business. However, I was a bit surprised that you didn’t mention about creating content. I strongly recommend to create videos for any business (I personally run a small e-commerce), I use Shakr (as I’m really bad in designing videos) for creating videos.

Anyways, thank you for putting this together!


I’m a huge fan of There is so much information that can be gathered from the site. I used Long Tail Pro for a while but ahref is much faster and gives you much better information.

Jack Duncan

This is a great list you have here. One tool that I’m surprised didn’t make your list was the Bing Keyword Research Tool. It’s a free tool available inside your Bing Webmaster Account. It provides some really excellent keywords and also search volume data. If you’d like to estimate for Google search volume, you can either copy and paste back at the Google Keyword Planner or you can just divide by .2 to get a rough estimate of search volume at

Muhammad Imran

In my personal experience, Long Tail Pro, Semrush, Ahrefs and SpyFu, these are the best tool for internet marketing and must have for one who want to learn marketing. I am using LTP, SemRush and Ahrefs right now. Now going to check SpyFu and KeywordSpy.
Keep sharing…


Really nice toolkit Satish!
My favorite tool which is missing here is BRAND24 internet monitoring and analyzes solution. Really nice, easy to use, efficient and affordable tool for everyone. It gives instant access to all public mentions on the Internet relevant to your topic and allows to join conversations. Worth to try, I’m sure you will love it 🙂

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    Hello Gloria,

    Thank you for your new tool intro in comment. Yes BRAND24 is very good tool for online marketers.


      So nice to hear that you like it!
      It would be awesome to see Brand24 on your best tools list someday 😀


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