What are the Basic Tools using to Hold Visitors more time

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What are the Basic Tools using to Hold Visitors more time

What are the Basic Tools using to Hold Visitors more time? When a visitor comes to your blog and just read what they want and leaves your blog. Good blogs are so attractive with content, some supportive links, social links, and internal links for more information. You should have some features or tools which will make your first-time visitor spend more time on your blog.

This will increase your page views compared to the number of visitors. You can check these stats using your analysis tool and I have mentioned about this in my previous post How to Decrease Bounce Rate. In this article, I am giving basic ideal tools to hold visitors more time on your blog and it helps to maintain Average Bounce Rate.

Basic Tools to Hold Visitors more time on your Blog 

I am using few tools to hold visitors more time or spending or engages the visitor more time on my site, they are

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Search Box

The search box is a very important tool. The visitor may search and get to go and read another page or bookmark that page for future reference. Search box must be placed on top and bottom (below the post). This place is very much showing out.Add Search bar or custom google search bar to hold visitors more time

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Social Sites and Bookmarking Tool

If the visitor found something new or their required topic, the visitor stores in bookmarking banks for future reference. There are so many sites are providing this tools in very easiest steps (Register-copy the code-place the code in your site). WordPress giving plenty of social bookmarking plugins in their directory. You can use any one of the WordPress Social plugins here.

Add Social Buttons to hold visitors more time

Here I am using Social Warfare Pro Plugin to share to share my content on social media.  Most of the Genesis Framework theme users are using Genesis simple share Plugin. Some other plugins are Shareaholic social sharing plugin, SumoMe, Digg Digg and Addthis is also popular plugins.

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Facebook Like Button

Facebook is very popular and is used by most of the Netizens, you can make it easy for them to share it on their Facebook page which in turn will bring in more visitors. Use one of the socialize plugin. First Connect Facebook to your blog then create one Facebook business page and add in your blog.  To add this feature, install and activate Jetpack plugin on your blog.

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The Facebook pages feature will be added to your widget area. Just drag and drop into the desired location and add your Facebook Page URL. Then save it. This gadget helps to increase the attention of the visitor by clicking on the Like button. At the same time, your updates will reach to your Facebook Page follower. This feature helps to hold visitors more time on your blog.

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Tweet This Button

Twitter is used by millions of users. If you get your post tweeted by a person who has 1000’s of followers then you can imagine the traffic that can be generated. Use the Twitter gadget on your blog with a live stream. You can add this feature by using the above mentioned Jetpack Plugin feature.


Email this Link

This could be helpful, but I have not seen this working much these days.

  • Use Signature field in the Email. When you send any message this Email Signature will be added to every email.
  • In Gmail, there is an autoresponse feature. Just use this. When any user contacts you via their email, your email gives one default email with your pre-configured message. Add your blog link to the Autoresponder feature of your Email.



Related Posts

Use some Related posts Plugin and see the difference. I have experienced a very high change in page views after using a related post Plugin. Now, most of the themes are coding with inbuilt Related posts coding.  This is a most effective way to hold your visitors more time.

Final Words:

There are few popular tools, you can decide what you should add to your blog. These are most useful tools to Hold Visitors more time on your blog. Please make sure that none of these effects the readability of your blog.

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