How to Backup a WordPress Website for Free? (Step by Step Guide)

It is very much important for you to know how to backup a WordPress site before making any changes for your WordPress site.

Even if you are using a very high secure server for your website, there are many chances of accidents or breakdown of websites.

Hence it is always important to save your work in a secure manner so you can retrieve it in case of.

If you do not backup your WordPress website, in search cases you need to start over from the scratch leaving all your work and time behind.

Basically, a WordPress website can be backed up manually or by using a WordPress plugin.

There are many ways you can bring back your website into live once an accident or a breakdown occurs in your website, but always remember you should take the first step before and so it works.

You should backup your data manually or using any other plugins.

How to backup a wordpress site
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What is a backup?

Most of us really think little about backups, but always consider them.

A backup is nothing but a raw copy of the total data of your website.

This backup will be useful to overwrite any other data that has been malfunctioned in your website.

Most famous thing a disaster for me does not happen in this highway range of technology is around us but it is disaster may happen anytime.

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You should not take risks so take some time in creating a backup path for your website.

So that your data will be secure in case of an emergency.


How often should you backup your site?

The answer to this question is up to you. Different websites require a different backup interval to keep the data secure.

  • An e-commerce site or a news website that updates three times a day requires to backup their website often.
  • Any information site which updates only three times a week can be backed up once a week or twice a week.

It bases this thing on how often your data needs to be secured.


Making backups to your site manually

Yes, what you heard is true you can create your own backup files of your WordPress site. You need not have a very great knowledge of coding to do this.

Open your hosting’s directory and choose the files created under your websites name.

Check that if your hosting provides you with download feasibility of the files directly to your computer from the directory.

If there is no option, first un-hide all the files in your hosting server and click on the download button so they will download all the files in your directory under your website to your desktop.

They do not provide it, you can also go for a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) option to download your files. There will be FTP client such as FileZilla. First, download the FileZilla app to your computer or PC and create a directory under your websites name in your drive.

Now connect your server to the WordPress installation.

Now mark all the files and folders and you can drag and drop the selected files on to your computer drive.

Now all the files and folders will be downloaded to your local drives and which you can use in the future in case of an emergency.


How to do a backup of your WordPress site?

Backups provided by the hosting providers

The hosting providers also provide you with backup facilities for your websites. But it is not reliable to only rely on backups provided by the hosting providers.

The main reason is that there their backups are not only made for WordPress and you might not get good support for restoring your website in emergencies.

They also may not perform regular backups for your website as they also serve many other websites.

It is not wise to depend upon your hosting provider to face such errors. Hence always choose a manual backup or a plugin to back up your website regularly.

So here are the three different plugins you can use to backup your WordPress website regularly.

If you are planning to backup WordPress site and move to a new host? Here are the best three best working methods.


1. By Using Updraft Plus

The UpDraft Plus is the most popular backup plugin used by many bloggers and webmasters to backup their websites regularly.

The main reason many bloggers choose this plugin for backing up a website is that it has many options to backup your site to.

You can backup your website data to a Google drive for FTP or a Dropbox for many more facilities.

You can backup the WordPress site and database easily by using the UpdraftPlus plugin.


a. How to backup a WordPress Site using updraftplus?

Backing up your site by using updraftplus is very easy to follow the procedure below to easily backup your site using updraftplus.

Go to plugins area and add a new plugin named updraftplus and install and activate the plugin

install updraftplus plugin
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2. Now open the updraftplus dashboard and you will see three buttons namely backup now, restore and clone/migrate (Premium addons)

updraftplus backup options
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3. In the settings page, choose the drive to backup your files and click save. The chosen drive will be asked by authenticating your drive access. Just click the Complete setup button.

For Example, if you have to send the Dropbox they will redirect you to the Dropbox website and you have to log in and it will be automatically connected to your updraftplus account.

choosen drive for backup wordpress
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4. Once your Dropbox or other drive is connected to updraftplus you can choose the interval to backup your site in the settings option in the dashboard.

Now your side is ready to backup at your set interval.


b. How to restore WordPress data from Drive to Host by using updraftplus?

To restore your backup from the drive you just click on the restore option given in the dashboard. Now you will see a list of databases that have been recently stored in your drive connected to the updraftplus.

updraftplus backup options to restore WP data
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Click on the restore button next to the database and wait until it has restored all the data to your website.

This is one of the best ways to backup a WordPress site. I am using this method to make a backup of the WordPress site.

2. Using All-in-one WP migration

The all in one WP migration is another WordPress plugin that is used by many bloggers to migrate data from one site to another site.

But this plugin also helps in backing up your data.

a. How to backup using all in one WP migration?

In the plugins, database search for all in one WP migration and install and activate the plugin.

install All-in-one WP Migration plugin
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From the sidebar, choose All-in-one WP Migration -Export option.

choose Export from All-in-one WP Migration
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Now You have to choose the drive to backup the entire site like Dropbox, Google drive, etc. 

choose advanced option - export to
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In the advanced options, you can select some options like comments or post visions on Media Library that you do not want to export to your drive.

Now choose the drive you want to export your backups to and click on the Export button

And your backup is ready to export to another site.

b. Restoring your backups from all in one WP migration

You will see the list of localhost backups created in your drive in the dashboard of all in one WP migration.

import site from drive
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Now choose the Import option from the left side columns and select the drive from Import From option.

Finally, choose the location of the file from either local drive or online drives (Dropbox, GDrive and One Drive)

We will take click on the Restore button next to care of by the plugin.

3. By Using Backup WordPress

This is another one best plugin for backups and restores plugin for WordPress websites.

In this plugin, you can backup only the database how are you can backup the entire WordPress functions. This plugin has also separate schedules for database and full backups.


How to backup a WordPress Site by using Backup WordPress plugin?

As the about two plugins install the plugin from the plugin store.

install backup wordpress plugin
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Now go to the plugin dashboard and choose the settings to backup your size regularly at your chosen intervals

Now select the drive you want to store your backups in and click on the save button and your backups will be done regularly

This plugin has a set of several backups to store on the server and you can also schedule or manually save your backups using this plugin.


The above three great plugins help you to backup and restore the WordPress site to a new server.

All the plugins instructed above has options to save your data manually or you can also schedule your backups with regular intervals.

You should always remember that if you are doing major changes to your website, enjoy installing a plugin for checking a new update in the WordPress you should always keep a set of backup data that will be useful in case of any breakdown of your website.

This manual backup can also be then by using this about leggings go to the backup page on the plugins dashboard and click on the BACKUP button and I will do now button and your backup very next moment.


If you have ever faced restoring your site, we are ready to hear your story. share your story with our users in the comments section below.

how to backup a wordpress website
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