Duplicate content: How to Avoid duplicate titles (title tags)

Duplicate content is duplicate information on the Internet, for example, a piece of copied text. For your website higher in Google to get you must ensure that you avoid this. Google rewards namely qualitative and unique content. The Google Panda and Google Penguin updates of last year, this has become even more important. In concert with duplicate content in the titles (title tags) on your website. Simply Duplicate Content SEO leads to Duplicate Content Penalty.

Duplicate content How to Avoid duplicate titles (title tags)
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Why duplicate content is bad?

Google removes duplicate content or duplicate information from the search results simply because it is not valuable to a user. If you’re looking for somewhere on Google and the first results are all contain the same text touch you as a user of Google and of course that should not be irritated.

Google looks for duplicate content to the various sites where this content is and determines which is the original. Google usually decides that the best / strongest website contains the original. That site has nothing to fear and will simply be included in the results. All other results with which content can be extracted from the search results (in relation to that content).

If you now have on your website are the same texts in more places do not worry, if this is not much then you definitely have nothing to fear, and if it is frequent (such as duplicate articles in your blog and your Knowledge) than can be called “Canonical URLs use”. This would you give to Google which is the original article.

It is the goal of Google to always be the most valuable and relevant websites to show when you’re looking for somewhere. The website or web page on the internet that is most relevant to your search comes on the first place.

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Thus, a good listener already conclude that each page on your site the best it’s own unique title ( title tag can have.)

Avoid Same title on every Page:

When multiple pages on your site have the same title you are actually competing with yourself to that on words. Google also can based on the title no longer distinguish between pages.

This is initially for 100% identical titles but what you can see, for example, many websites that their company name or keyword have their main stand. standard in the title tag Thus, immediately, each page of the website the same keyword combination. That’s a bit of keyword spamming .

You better every keyword that you want to rank first page Jump on your website . That page you optimize for that word and you focus all your arrows (think of internal links and backlinks) on that one page related to that specific keyword.

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You put so your entire SEO force on 1 place rather than that you’re going to spread over your website. Focus is also very important for SEO. Let Google know which pages on your website the best / most relevant for that word. The clearer it is for Google, the better the results also unpack for you.

How to avoid duplicate titles ?

How to Find Website Title? Are you now (thank fully) not as many people aware of the error 100% duplicate titles but write your website / blog can do this for you. For example:

When you go to my website you will see that there are some blog posts are offset and then a numbering to go back to older blog posts back.There are those left behind:

  • https://www.bloggingden.com/page/2/
  • https://www.bloggingden.com/page/3/
  • https://www.bloggingden.com/page/4/
  • https://www.bloggingden.com/page/5/

When you go out there you will also see that each of these pages have the same title tag.

It is best to not let these pages indexed by Google (noindex). In this way you avoid the duplicate title tags in Google. When the WordPress SEO plugin from Joost de Valk (in WordPress) used then you can do this via the “Titles & Meta” tab – General.

Do not worry about the blog posts that are on those pages, which remain just indexed. You only shows Google that they do not need to index. The URLs of pages that list.

When you use Google Webmaster Tools , you can notice exactly where Google has found duplicate content title tags. Log in and click on the tab “optimization “and then” HTML improvements “. Content duplication is an illegal process. This article gives few important tips on Duplicate content issues.

There are Free Duplicate Content Checker tools are available online like Copyscape, Small SEO tools and PlagSpotter

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Duplicate content How to Avoid duplicate titles (title tags)
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