13 Best Apps for college students should be using

You can Sure, you already have used some apps for college students. Everybody use them to boost their study process and to make the life easier. Some of the apps are free and some are paid. These are the best apps for college students for everyone.

13 Best Apps for college students should be using

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Apps for college students should be using:

Planner apps:

  1. EverNote: Let’s start with what will help us to organize our study. There is little consensus on best college planner app. We choose Evernote. It is a simplest digital version of the notebook, where you can create handwritten to-do lists and notes, leave a voice memo or photograph note, tag, comment, and search them. It is helpful to stick to the schedule tracking and creating a checklist of tasks. It is free, but without paid plans, you don’t have offline access to it and some other options.
  2. AnyDo: It is another time-management app, which has an ability to prioritize your tasks and to divide a big project into sub tasks. It has special Moment function – a kind of reminder that urges you to review and sort your tasks. A free version is available.
  3. Schoold: It will help you to plan your future in a wider sense. It helps searching schools, universities, and scholarships, offers advice on free college applications, and relevant careers.

Best educational apps for college students:

  1. Scribd: What students do even more than write assignments? Right, they read. So, install this online library app and find all the books you need to study at your best. Also, it can be great for Music students for its music sheets. You’ll find there also comics and audio books. You can organize selected documents according to the topic and share them with friends. Costs $8.99 per month. There is a free test-drive available.
  2. EasyBib: It is a Citation Generator. It is one of free apps for college students that remembers all these MLA, APA, Chicago and many other formatting styles. After you log in with your account, you can create bibliography citations using search or scanning book bar-codes, and add them to project on the mobile device or export them to email.
  3. Study Blue: It is one of the apps that help you study anywhere. It is an application of an educational platform. You can create your own flashcards with pictures and text and share them with your mates as well as with the other students all over the world.

For Homework:

  1. Writing Pal: It is one of the most helpful apps for college students. It is an iOS app of the website EduBrite  that provides the help with assignments. You can proofread your paper or order needed information arranged in convenient custom manner. CliffsNotes are study guide apps in series that help to understand literature and other works, giving explanations and summaries, which makes writing essays much easier. It also has an audio version.
  2. Mathway: It is also a study guide, but for math problems solving. It provides help with Algebra, Statistics, Graphing, Chemistry and other homework. You can enter the task by typing or by taking the picture. It works offline and is free.

The little things:

  1. Dropbox: You can keep there all the necessary information, homework, and coursework, your drafts and materials, copies of your applications to the universities, and reach them online anywhere. Also, you can share the links with friends and teachers.
  2. Scanner Pro: It helps to scan documents and to add them to cloud storage or Camera roll. You can change the documents you once photographed into editable PDFs. It costs $2.99
  3. Snap2PDF: It allows to take pictures and convert them into PDFs with recognized text. Translations for foreign words may be provided. Costs $2.99
  4. Chegg: When you get all your textbooks digital, or maybe, when your semester is over – you will be ready to sell or rent your old-fashioned paper books. Or, if you still need them – you can rent them with the help of this free app.

Sure, you can find other useful college apps that are not so closely connected to study. The mind is sound in a sound body – so try the apps that track your sleep, help you with workout/fitness and remind to hydrate. There are also alarm, spending tracking and drinking tracking applications.

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