Adcash Review: Is it Best Ad Network to Monetize My blog?

If you get all kind of Internet Marketing services like Advertising and Publishing Platforms where both plays a major role, isn’t it Good to make an impact on the internet marketing industry? Well, this is not a myth. This is happening in real and today I will talk about such kind of Internet Marketing solutions where all the services are listed together. In this article, i wrote on Adcash Review and Is it best network to monetize my blog?adcash review

Adcash Review and Overview


Adcash is a real-time advertising trading platform that delivers maximum exposure for advertisers and a simple, effective way for publishers to make money. They use a unique combination of industry experience and advanced optimization technology to provide their customers with digital advertising solutions that deliver results.adcash review homepage

Adcash is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. The main reason behind the success of Adcash is their support and their system. They provide all kind of advertising solutions like CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC etc. Their services are goal orientated. And this is the main features why it is termed as the best alternative to Google AdSense. AdCash CPM rates are very good. Read the Adcash review carefully.

Another feature I want to add here that is if you have a gaming niche, then probably Adcash is just made for you because many advertisers here are from gaming niche, although you will find all kinds of a niche here.

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Company History by their rewards

awards and rewards

From the beginning of Adcash, it is growing very fast and this is the proof of their popularity, Customer base, loyalty towards business and much more. They won most successful company award 2015 at Aripaev Top 100.

This was their beginning time but according to that, they won two more achievements that year. One is Most Competitive SME 2015 and Innovator of the year 2015. This was the charming things for the company as well as the customers too. Till date won Most Competitive SME 2016 title and they expect many new titles on their name.

This makes the customers feel very confident about the product which the company is selling. Adcash is really doing very great in this section. This AdCash Review helps you to know the basic features of Adcash Advertisers and Adcash Publishers.

Adcash Advertisers:

Advertising is the key to marketing. If one can advertise the product well, then the success of the product is getting very higher than the product which was promoted less. Product success depends on upon advertisement only.

In Adcash, they look after their advertisers very well. The advertisers Get all the best features to add to their products. These features are mentioned below.

  • Real-time Tracking- Real time tracking is provided by Adcash where the advertisers can track the behavior of their advertisers.
  • Multiple Platform initiation- Adcash provides multiple platform support, like Desktop ads, Mobile ads, App ads etc.
  • Advanced Optimization- Optimization is one of the key factors of any advertisers as well as publishers.
  • Real time tracking– Tracking provides best results. Adcash stands out really well on this side.
  • Real time reporting- You can track the data of each and every second.
  • Low starting budget– This is a very good feature for new advertisers with a very low budget.
  • Diversify payment method- Payment is one of the major concern for all the advertisers and publishers. Adcash provides a wide range of payment methods.

Adcash Publishers:

Publishers and advertisers are interring connected to each other. Along with the advertisers, the publishers used to do magic. “The magic of money”. Here at Adcash, they maintain the relationship between their Publishers and advertisers very well.

One thing I must mention here that is one of the prior advertising platforms is Google AdSense. But it seems more & more difficult when monetizing from Google’s platform because they have too much of terms and conditions.

Here, Adcash takes the advantages. Their terms and conditions are very strict to the point but not very much difficult. This is one of the advantages over Google’s AdSense and this is the main reason and why people used to search for Google AdSense alternatives.

Now let see some of the prior features about Adcash’s publishers:

  • Anti-Ad block solution- Ad Blocker is the main thing now a day which is the barrier between advertisers and publishers. Adcash comes with the best solution about anti-ad block solution.
  • Good Conversation rate- The conversation rates which Adcash give to its customers are very good.
  • Monetizing every platform- Cross-platform features are enabled with Adcash, which enables to monetize Blogs, Apps, videos and much more.
  • Awesome Ad format – The researcher found some of the best ad quality, which enables more conversation and more stability towards their adds.
  • Superior support- The support which their team gives to its customers is really incredible.
  • App support- Adcash comes with different app versions. One is for Apple devices and another is for Android. Which gives a steady control over the features to their customers?

Trust factor about Adcash

trust factor

This is one of the main reasons whether you should trust the company or not. Every company has its downsides. Many of the people confirmed a few bugs about but over all its history are quite impressive.

There are lots and lots of high-quality websites in their control now a day. Mostly Gamming niche is targeted by most of the advertisers from Adcash but you will find each and every niche here. Some of the background sites are listed here.

If you are starting your blog recently and looking for the best way to monetize, then Adcash might be the best option for you. This is the basic overview of AdCash Review. You can choose the best Google Adsense alternative for your blog.


Google AdSense is the dream of every Internet Business owner. If you are a newbie, you know well about the struggle you make to achieve good payout from Google AdSense. But Google AdSense is just the conventional way of making money online. There are a few Great platforms that are available so that Internet marketing becomes easy and few companies try to give the maximum profit to their clients.

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Adcash is one of them. Especially I like the simplicity in design and effectiveness in their business. They provide all the big baskets under one roof that means no struggling for other add-ons. Also, they are very well organized. So, it makes me confident about Adcash. The above AdCash Review helps you to choose the best part which is suitable for your blog’s best alternative source for monetization.

Well, there always be a question of whether you trust a new company or not, but one thing is very common in all the companies that the reputed companies were also new one day. Give it a try.

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The AdCash Review gives the basic idea on Advertisers and Publishers network. This is the best Google Adsense alternative. Must try every blogger. Try now.

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