5 Actionable Ecommerce Strategies to Drive Sales

Selling online is year after year, a goal of an increasing number of companies. But what is the right path for a successful internet store? Here are the best actionable Ecommerce strategies explaining to drive more sale.

If you are thinking about launching your first eComm­erce site but you do not know how to take their first steps (or you already have your own online store but you are not satisfied with the results), here are some useful tips to maximize the opportunities in the world wide web.

Actionable Ecommerce Strategies
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Actionable Ecommerce Strategies to Drive Sales:

Ecommerce Strategies 1:

Optimize Your eCommerce for Mobile:

Mobile First SEO Strategy: Make Your Website Mobile Responsive
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Last year was the boom of the mobile eCommerce, and certainly, this is not a trend under arrest. As evidenced by ShoppingIndex report by Demandware, it is precisely thanks to smartphones that mobile traffic is increased.

The mobile phone is increasingly becoming the first point of contact between customer and company, especially in the case of millennials (young people born between the early eighties and the early years of this decade), 80% of whom interacts for the first time with a brand via mobile.

Do you still think you could have an eCommerce not optimized for mobile?

A mobile-friendly website will be highly appreciated not only by users but also by Google. In the search results, a mobile optimized eCommerce will rank better than a non-optimized one.

If you want to run a test, you can use this free tool by Google and check your eCommerce website compatibility with mobile devices.

Ecommerce Strategies 2:

Use Email Marketing:

Email marketing
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Too often this tool is undervalued or poorly exploited by companies.

Considering there are more than 4 billion active accounts in the world, you surely understand the potentialities of email marketing.

It’s an effective way to engage consumers, trigger a buying process, highlight offers and opportunities. In a nutshell, a key tool for an eCommerce success.

Keep in mind to use the right strategy. For example, avoid flooding your contacts with too many emails, as this would increase the percentage of unsubscribed and choose instead a rational solution, with precise targets, such as sending planned specific emails with added value content to your users, including promotions, discounts, coupons and special offers. This is the effective way to create a relationship of trust with consumers.

People should think about your newsletter as an opportunity to access to previews or exclusive promotions dedicated solely to subscribers, creating a sort of exclusivity.

Ecommerce Strategies 3:

Entice with Free Shipping, Discount Codes, Offers:

Discounts and Promo codes
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Did you know that one of the leading causes of abandonment of online shopping carts is the cost of shipping?

Especially in the first phase of the launch of your eCommerce, offering a cheap (or free) shipping costs might be a good strategy to build a relationship with the clients or potential customers. It is not always convenient for the business owner, it is true. But with some changes as achieving a minimum order, the cost will be written off and the result would be to win over a new customer who, if satisfied, will come back to buy on your e-commerce and will encourage others to buy your products.

Also, take advantage of events and holidays (eg. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) launching promotions with discount codes. Saving opportunities always capture the attention and help spread the word about your eCommerce.

If in addition to an eCommerce site you have a physical store too, why not also give the possibility to buy online and pick up the order at any time? This way, you can expand your customer base by pushing the purchase even to those most reluctant to shopping online, who prefer to have the product immediately available.

Ecommerce Strategies 4:

Push your eCommerce via Social Media:

Actionable Ecommerce Strategies to Drive Sales on Social media
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An online store needs to be promoted, so go-ahead to advertising campaigns on the web and especially a good, solid social media presence.

You must define which platforms may be more suitable for your business and make sure to enable accurate communication, integrated with an adequate logic to reach potential customers.

In most cases, Facebook will cover any market. With more than 1.49 billion monthly active users, it’s the most popular social network worldwide.

But what is the plus of online sales via Facebook? Of course, the ability to create an ad (with a direct purchase button) on a highly profiled target: age, gender, interests, geographic area, the device used for navigation and much more. Basically, you can promote your own product exactly to your desired audience.

What else? Depending on your type of products and the target you want to take into account, you can consider other social networks like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest (or any other niche platforms).

Ecommerce Strategies 5:

Be Different and Competitive:

Actionable Ecommerce Strategies - Think different and Competitive
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The first issue of who is going to sell online is the competition. Unless you offer a truly unique product or service, you will come up against many other eCommerce sites (probably the best known), verified with existing customers.

My advice is to start building an online presence, being different, focusing on creativity, promoting your business in alternative ways, such as creating viral content.

Your goal should be to stand out from the crowd, to promote your eCommerce thinking outside the box. You will probably need the help of a creative, a communication expert, or a specialized agency, but it will be worth!

Remember that the initial launch phase is crucial to the success of an eCommerce site. Do not leave anything to chance: plan and create an Ecommerce Strategies. Even if you have just a small eCommerce, think big. Selling online may seem simple and exciting. But it also means entering a huge market, where the real challenge is, first of all, getting noticed. Follow the successful eCommerce strategies.

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Actionable Ecommerce Strategies
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