A SMALL ORANGE Hosting Review: best Web Hosting

Want to know why A Small Orange will meet all your hosting needs while you will experience the best service and support throughout the industry today? For the purposes of this A Small Orange Review, I’ll put the various features of ASO (A Small Orange) under the microscope, examining its website, the plans offered, prices, options, customer support, etc. Hoping to provide an objective review.

As I’m in the middle of the transfer of several of my old blogs on free hosting, Now I am going to shift my blogs to paid hosting service. I do little research on different web hosting options that around on the Internet. And I decided to put my attention on a company that had only heard and read good reviews. A lesser-known company called: A Small Orange, which I will refer as ASO from now on.

A SMALL ORANGE Hosting Review: best Web Hosting

The fact is that I had heard of them by finding reviews, opinions and recommendations over the web. A highlight that I found is that a former worker HostGator (a company that provides similar to ASO services), now runs the company, and from my few references HostGator. I am a past user of Hostgator services. It is excellent service.

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What about A Small Orange hosting company :

A Small Orange (ASO) has been in the game of hosting since 2003. Not one of the best known names in the industry, but it certainly has grown rapidly in a short time. Originally founded in Atlanta Georgia, USA. The company currently based in Durham, North Carolina in the same North American country.

The founder of ASO is Tim Dorr, a web designer by profession, and soon the company was bought by Douglas Hanna in 2010 was customer service manager at HostGator and today assumes the role of CEO of ASO after purchase.

Also here there is another connection with HostGator: Brent Oxley is the founder of HostGator and also participated with part of the financing for this acquisition. Hanna is also involved in the operation of two other hosting companies: HostNine and SEO Web Hosting. Obviously, ASO is well positioned to take advantage of this well-connected network. The original founder, Tim Dorr, is now in charge of Army of Bees Web Design, a company dedicated to the creation and optimization of web sites.

ASO Hosting Plans :

When choosing a web hosting plan that fits our needs, ASO offers smart options that can be a bit confusing at first; however, this blog was planning to resolve the doubts of the people when choosing their Hosting service.

This is not rocket science, but if a lot of different web hosting options for every need certainly to meet and attract more of a potential customer. It’s easy to get confused, but let’s see what are the options offered. Note: All prices are in US dollars. Here providing the plans and pricing of ASO Hosting  with a small orange promo code.

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Shared Web Hosting (Shared Hosting) has the following plans:

  • Tiny: $ 35 / year with 250 MB of storage and 5 GB bandwidth
  • Small: $ 5 / month with 1 GB storage and 20 GB bandwidth
  • Medium: $ 10 / month with 5GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth
  • Large: $ 20 / month with 15GB storage and 300GB bandwidth
  • Super: $ 30 / month with 25GB storage and 500GB bandwidth

Reseller Web Hosting (Room reseller) has the following plans

  • Small: $ 15 / month with 3 GB storage, 30 GB bandwidth and 30 web sites for housing
  • Medium: $ 25 / month with 5 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth and 50 web sites for housing
  • Large: $ 35 / month with 10GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth and 100 websites for housing

Business Web Hosting has the following plans:

  • Startup: $ 20 / month with 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth
  • Small Business: $ 40 / month with 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth
  • Enterprise: $ 60 / month with 30GB storage and 300GB bandwidth

Cloud VPS Hosting has the following plans:

  • Basic Plan: $ 25 / month 1 Core double RAM, 2048 MB RAM, 15 GB of storage and 600 GB of bandwidth
  • Comprehensive Plan: $ 180 / month with 6 Cores available, 12288 MB of RAM, 150 GB of storage and 2200 GB of bandwidth

Hybrid and Dedicated Servers has the following plans:

  • Small: $ 100 / month available with 2 Cores, 4 GB of RAM, 150 GB of storage and 2 free IPs 1.5 TB bandwidth
  • Medium: $ 125 / month with 3 Cores available, 8GB of RAM, 300GB of storage, 2 IPs free and 2TB bandwidth
  • Large: $ 150 / month with 4 cores available, 12 GB of RAM, 450 GB of storage and 2 free IPs 2.5 TB bandwidth

Note that as is often the case of web hosting companies, you can get these same plans at much lower prices using codes, discounts and coupons. Just keep a watchful eye for such offers.

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Opinion on some technical features :

Limited bandwidth and disk space. ASO offers might seem surprisingly small, considering that some companies offer unlimited bandwidth and storage with all their plans. Well, let me clarify that nothing in life is unlimited, everything has a limit. The companies competing for market usually used the ‘unlimited’ term for marketing purposes. Despite this, with A Small Orange we have the option of choosing a plan of many that are offered and that suits our needs, so you only pay for what you use. So it is very important to know what you really require. You can learn more about how to correctly choose a hosting service in the articles of this blog.

How reliable is this hosting in terms of service?

Like most other web servers like BlueHost, ASO has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. This means that there will be no downtime (it is very rare condition). Although we know that this is impossible, because there will be times when problems of various kinds and therefore have a temporary suspension of service will be presented for a brief period, either for maintenance or other unexpected situation. However, ASO offers a first class service. Get support every day of the year if something was missing.

There is a status page to track the performance live, but must be purchased before entering service and to access that information. The company also has a habit of showing cash archived data from its servers time. There is little information that appears on the website of the company in its data center, and further information is incomplete. There is no indication on the number of data centers, or the whereabouts of these facilities.

However, it states that its facilities are monitored with security cameras and they have UPS power supply through a battery backup and a diesel generator.

Customer first :

The part that surprised me was without a doubt was their customer service.

Send a message and waits for the answer people support you with a comprehensive response in about half an hour. I have never seen such an impressive turnaround, and these guys are able to do it consistently. I have benefited greatly from the incredible display of service attitude, and you also have, of course!

ASO is exemplary in terms of skills orientation or customer support for further successful implementation of any web project.

The company is very reliable for the quality of service offered, and is so confident of his great services, they do not try to impress rooftops and self-praise for themselves, but perform what they say. This is a clear difference from other companies that offer hosting and resorting to gifts or vouchers to catch a client.

Satisfaction Guarantee :

Customers of both shared hosting and business are guaranteed 45 days to refund your money in case you are not satisfied with the service. ASO, even if someone cancels the hosting plan beyond the period of 45 days, there is still entitled to a refund for time not used, so there is clearly a protection for customers.

However this policy does not apply to other plans.

ASO is an honest operator really focusing on their packages and web hosting services. The company shows the relevant information for its customers and has never been any attempt to over-glorify or giving gifts to attract customers. Your website is neat and very easy to navigate in indeed.

If there is something in which to improve phone support would put most basic plans, chat 24 hours a day and staff on-site support, but my experience has confirmed that a large support service still can have only through email, but of course, I’m not sure if other webmasters share the same feeling.

These are some of the highlights of ASO to take it as an option that will cover your hosting needs:

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WordPress Recommended Hosting

  • Bluehost is one of the largest, most popular, and trusted web hosting services.
  • It hosted more than 2 million sites since they were started in 2003.
  • The shared hosting is using innovating CPU Throttling technology.
  • Grab the 66% discount and start your blog or online business.

  • Many shared hosting plans: ASO ensures that you will not pay more than what you’re using. If you just want a service to host a small personal website, TINY plan that category Shared Hosting could be a good option for you. The MEDIUM Plan, just as in Shared Hosting is the most popular, and offers 5 GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth in exchange for a low monthly fee. For those looking for a bit more room, there is a SUPER plan and, if that is not yet big enough, you can always upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.
  • A company honest: A Small Orange is one of the few web hosting providers that do not sell more resources than they can actually deliver. Which means that your website will always be running at optimal performance? A Small Orange not bet that most customers will only use a small percentage of their allocated resources. Instead, they ensure that sufficient resources are available for each client, even if everyone was using them to the fullest.
  • Hosting for everyone: A Small Orange offers a complete range of web hosting services including: Shared Hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. Shared Hosting is sufficient for the needs of most people, however, who are willing to pay a little more for greater security and more control, enjoy VPS and dedicated hosting. Reseller hosting option is also available, and is ideal for anyone who is thinking of going into business web hosting for them. ASO also has special plans designed to owning a business, which include a free SSL certificate and dedicated IP address.
  • Unlimited number of email accounts: The website owners can create an unlimited amount of email addresses associated with each domain hosted on ASO. This is a very valuable feature, especially for a company, as each employee can then be assigned your own personal email address.
  • A fantastic selection of applications: Web applications are a great way to customize your website, and selection of applications ASO simply cannot be beat. If you are interested in starting a blog, you can choose WordPress (Best Managed WordPress Hosting) or any of the other applications available for creating blogs and install with a single click. If you want a calendar or a forum on your site, you might want some sort of CMS software, or if you’re planning to host online games, A Small Orange has it all covered. There are also several tools available specifically aimed at e-commerce websites and other educational websites aimed at; the possibilities are endless. Regardless of the type of site you have in mind, ASO offers several applications to enhance your website significantly.
  • Being a relatively small company: A Small Orange offers personalized assistance semi-unlike other companies best known web hosting, which, despite offering good support, is not at all remarkable. ASO provides 24/7 support via email, live chat and phone support in the more expensive plans. Unfortunately, the live chat is only available during the week, so you have to use another channel support on Saturday or Sunday. This can be a drawback for some, but ASO puts emphasis on quality when it comes to support for all customers.
  • A Small Orange is doing everything possible to minimize its environmental impact, meeting the renewable energy certificates to which it subscribes. Another way to reduce operating expenses ASO is allowing employees to work from home. This helps keep smaller offices, which can have a huge benefit on the impact on the amount of resources it consumes. Although the reduced resource consumption is not stated directly with their web hosting packages, it is still a great feeling to know you are dealing with a company dedicated to energy conservation and helps preserve the environment.

Final Words:

The conclusion of this review of A Small Orange is that this great company has earned its reputation by meet and exceeds what your website offers, great design on the other hand, has been a great source for research and collection information to make a fair and objective review.

We can finally definitely recommend this company to grow. Their plans, the technology used, the range of services and above all the attention and support oriented 100% customer only leaves us room to openly recommend anyone to ASO, they are experienced webmasters or those who start in this fantasy world the information age.

If you have already chosen A Small Orange as the company you put all your trust, let me tell you then, you’ve made a great decision.

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