Top 5 Google Tools to find Target Keywords

As we build a steady readership groups, optimal positioning on search engines is essential to strengthen the web presence, if we offer quality content and relevant to what users are looking for on the Internet, it is likely that the same recurring blog users become, but this is very important to consider the functionality, organization and simplicity of our blog, but these are good points to another chapter.

Today we will see then how to leverage the free Google tools that Google offers to find the most wanted or higher rate search Google and this way words taken into account for inclusion in our items, but always bearing in mind that they are related and are relevant to the content of both the article and the blog.

Top 5 Google Tools to find Target Keywords
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With recent changes in Google’s algorithms are many factors to consider, including shoulder today:

  • Explicit, concise and fully related to the content of the article titles.
  • Links to other items or related material, they simplify the search experience of the user, of course if the links go to other items of our own blog, much better.
  • Good writing, spelling and simplicity.
  • Social networks and committed participation of the community of regular readers.

Taking all these aspects into account, then proceed to focus on the proper use of the right words that will help us get a higher volume of traffic.

The following Google tools helps to find and collect target keywords for your profitable niche.

The Best Google Tools to find Target Keywords For Your Niche:

There are hundreds of tools are available on the web to get target keywords data. But most of the tools are in premium (must be choose one of the plan to pay money). Here the list compiled is very popular and easy to use.

1. Google Adwords : 

This one of the best and popular Google tool and is often very used by companies to create campaigns, and of course is also useful for SEO, providing related search keywords that are related to using those products or services.

In addition, using Google Adwords keyword Planner can get a snapshot of the competition that exists for particular keyword and the number of searches per month globally and locally. Which is available in Google keyword Planner option in adwords account.

Google Adwords provides us with a number of features that allow us to experience. Learn which phrases are most results give a campaign in a very short time (sometimes only hours) can know whether an ad is better than another and what is its efficiency.

However if your domain already has time on the network (domain age) and your website has authority because you have many backlinks, then may classify faster and a little higher for more competitive keywords.

2. Google Insight : 

This application allows to know most searched keywords on the web. It is also an excellent tool to compare the volumes of keyword searches by regions, categories and time. For blogs that are fairly new and still need time to create articles and build a good base, I recommend using less competitive keywords around 90,000 per month or lower is ideal for these blogs.

3. Google search tool :

According re entering keywords in Google search tool, this begins to give us as we seek for. These suggestions are actually related searches most often people do. This Google Search Tool is also called Google Suggestion tool.

That’s why, that Google provides us with the Google tools to facilitate our task. However, it can be used for what people seek and thus experience using them to increase traffic to your blog.

4. Google Analytics

If you use this system to measure or develop your stats blog or website, you have something in your favor. While Google Analytics will not suggest keywords, if you information on what keywords people used to reach your website.

It can be an excellent source of words related to your niche area of ​​expertise or even your business or company, and they are words in which you are already positioned. Making minor changes to your past articles, you can increase your visitors using these keywords.

There are few plugins are available in the WordPress plugin directory. Here Google Analytics WordPress Plugin gives the total monitoring results which are help for to understand the site statistics without login google analytics account.

5. Google Trends :

This tool provides Internet giant lets us know what the search trends in Google users are. If we know that people seek on the Internet, Google Trends is one of the Google tools to find out. Since it is designed for those who want to find or greater leverage Google provides data on the behavior of users in your browser.

One of the advantages of using Trends, we know keywords that have a growth season or seasons. Many of those charged with marketing the area used to create seasonal campaigns, with the aim of improving the use of words that have a seasonal pattern.

Final Words:

The above top 5 Google tools are most popular and helpful for all bloggers, webmasters, SEO agencies and Publishers. I hope that you consider these tips of using this Google Web Tools, which can result in drastic changes in the number of visits to your blog.

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