How to Install and Setup SumoMe WordPress plugin

Getting subscribers is one of the main objectives we set ourselves when we have a professional blog. Until recently, if you wanted to get subscribers to your blog you had to “scratch your pocket” and acquire a payment module, but now with SumoMe WordPress plugin can transform Your Blog in a great tool to get thousands of subscribers each week , and all without any cost. This is Special SumoMe Review article.

How to Install and Setup SumoMe WordPress plugin

Simple reasons of the importance of getting subscribers with Sumome WordPress Plugin

  • It lets you convert your readers into subscribers.
  • You can offer something special to your subscribers as: courses, eBooks, proprietary information, etc.
  • It allows you to increase visits to your blog.

How to get subscribers with SumoMe WordPress Plugin?

SumoMe WordPress Plugin is a free and Best WordPress Blog Plugin that gives us interesting features that will describe below, which are divided into three functions.

1. SumoMe List Builder:

SumoMe List Builder is very popular and effective in capturing the subscribers list. It is the star functionality SumoMe WordPress plugin, and with which you can get thousands of subscribers to your blog.

list builder by sumome plugin

It is true that bothers us all pop up subscription in a blog, but I can assure you is the tool that works best by far, and in my case through this functionality have won more than 4,500 subscribers in a year .

2. Scroll Box:

With this functionality you can add Sumome subscription animated box that appears by the side of the blog, and can be a very effective tool to get subscribers.

Scroll box from sumome plugin

3. Smart Bar:

With this module you can install Sumome a horizontal bar at the top of your blog, which can be used both for subscribers as well as to promote and drive traffic for a particular page.

smartbar from sumome wordpress plugin

Configuration is very simple and you can configure it to be present all the time or to disappear when the reader is reading the post and is doing scroll down.

Sumome Plugin to increase traffic and social Viralization:

1. Highlighter :

This functionality will allow your SumoMe Blog articles are shared through social networks more easily.

Highlighter from sumome wordpress plugin

For this, the user simply select some text of our article to you the option to share on Twitter or Facebook, so we increase the virality of your content is displayed.

This increased viralization your content will bring an increase in social traffic. I increased by 200% traffic from social networks in a single year.

2. Sumome Image Sharer:

Image sharer is one of the best feature of SumoMe Share of images. If SumoMe activate this functionality, each and every one of our blog images can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. No doubt it is a mechanism to provide greater viral infographics we use in articles.

Image sharer from Sumome plugin

I recommend you choose to place the share button at the top or bottom of the image, as if you did not go unnoticed with infographics.

3. Share :

This feature allows you to add a bar to share on social networks. The beauty of this functionality is able to choose the social networks that want to appear at the bar and having a good mobile version.

Share from sumome plugin

Its use may increase up to 20 web traffic to your blog.

Usability features Sumome:

1. Sumome Heat Maps :

If you enable this functionality, Sumome Heat maps will see where users click, very important aspect for us to see the “hot spots” of the here and very important to analyze the usability of our Blog.

Heat maps from sumome plugin

Google is giving more and more importance to the behavior of visitors to our blog, so features such as this are very important if we want to improve the user experience.

2. Content Analytics :

I love this module because it tells me where my articles are reading my blog readers. Knowing this information can help us to make changes to improve and increase the time spent in each of our post.

content analytics from sumome plugin

To put it’ll create a brand new campaign and start recording the behavior of visitors.

Other features:

Contact Form :

It allows you to add contact forms with your customers or readers can contact you.

You can add an autoresponder to receive all those who use this form, and can be placed in many places, so it is a very flexible and Blog adaptable any form.

How to Install and Configure SumoMe?

There are two ways to install SumoMe in our Blog:

  1. Copy and paste the following code within the <head>
<Script src = "// load.sumome.com/" data-sumo-site-id = "e45fb5a0260db31f459a4e2b1ff6a4ae699e9776dfc7dc4b18d9e033d79e212f" async> 
  1. Download Sumome WordPress Plugin and install the WordPress plugin

Once we have installed and activated the plugin, we will not go to the page of our blog and we have to find an almost hidden square in the upper right, as shown in the picture.

sumome login

Once located, put the mouse over the blue square and create our own, to finally access the account we have created.

sumome login form

The last thing we will do is enable and configure each functionality SumoMe wordpress plugin.

Configuring modules of Sumome plugin:


The configuration of highlighter is very simple but I’ll explain some of the adjustments you have to make:

  1. We add our Twitter account.
  2. We choose the design that will, I recommend leaving it as it is by default.
  3. Choose your favorite URL shortener. You can choose from bit.ly, goog.ly sumo.ly.

Image Sharer :

I’ll explain how to set up an easy way module Image Sharer :

  1. In the Settings section we will make two changes; add our Twitter account and specify the position where we want the option to share on social networks appear. Remember that the best option is to appear at the top or bottom.
  2. Select the shortening of links. You can choose from bigly, goog.ly sumo.ly.

Here I leave a screenshot of my blog so you can see that 1,062 images have been shared in social networks through this functionality.

Share :

I’ll explain how to insert the rod social bookmarking your blog:

  1. In the section settings will decide the social profiles we will include in the bar. You can also customize the look of these social buttons.
  2. In the area of services we will add the Twitter account.
  3. Choose Layout where social shares want appears.

List Builder :

In the configuration of its core functionality List Builder, allowing us to get subscribers to our Blog, we can customize the following aspects:

  1. In paragraph Design and customize your subscription popup.
  2. In the section Behavior can decide if you put so Sumome choose the best moment to prove or decide every few seconds will show a new visitor.
  3. In the section Services Sumome you can integrate your email marketing tool preferred for your new subscribers are added to the list that you decide, and all this automatically.

Scroll Box :

This functionality using it only took a few months and in that time has achieved 395 subscribers, but is very simple to set up:

  1. In section Design decided the content and appearance of our subscription box.
  2. The section of Behavior to decide when and where the box appears.
  3. In the section Services we integrate our email marketing tool.

Smart Bar :

This functionality I alternate between subscription and promotion, but its configuration is very similar to other features:

  1. In section Design decided the content and appearance of our bar or promotional subscription.
  2. The section of Behavior decide to appears and when the behavior of the bar.
  3. In the section Services we integrate our email marketing tool.

In the 4 months I have been using it I managed more than 1,700 subscribers to the blog, which is not bad.

Final words:

  • Increase your visits Blog
  • It will share your content easier way to Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can share your images easily to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with this Sumome WordPress plugin.
  • You can get a large number of subscribers to your blog daily by using this Sumome WordPress Plugin
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