SEO TODAY- A Brief Overview: Google ranking targets (Infographics)

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Search Engine Optimization has changed over the last few years – we have created this infographic to give a brief overview of the changes and what you need to know. we hope you find this infographic useful. This is small SEO today analysis infographic.

What are Google ranking factors and targets from SEO TODAY (Infographics):

SEO TODAY- A Brief Overview: Google ranking targets (Infographics)

SEO Today – Lead Generation by Device:

  • Smartphones – 8%
  • Tablets – 10%
  • Desktop and Laptops – 82%

SEO Today Strategy by popularity:

In SEO strategy, article (Content) is king. Article, Blog posts, Infographics, Video and social media are the major aspects in SEO. In this, Social site,Google plus has 24% importance in social media, in Twitter 37% and in Facebook 39%.


This is simple Google updates.

  1. Penguin Update: This update targeting webspam, introduced to punish sites with low quality links.
  2. Panda Update: Targeting content is webpages, introduced to punish sites which use poor quality duplicated or very little quality content.
  3. Humming Bird Update: New Google algorithm completely new google algorithm aimed at making search cleaner, faster and many more accurate.

On Site Factors:

As always it is critical that all of your websites on site factors are 100% perfect and relevant. Below are Some of the critical on site factors:

  1. User – Friendly URLs: User Friendly URLs is critical that your websites URLs are relevant and simple on your website.
  2. Meta Description: Compelling meta descriptions of between 150 – 160 characters with no duplication.
  3. Title Tags: Informative title tags of 70 characters maximum. It is important not to keyword stuff.
  4. Alt Tags: Include image Alt tags on images for each individual page on your website.
  5. Sitemap: It is very important to submit your sitemap.xml to all search engines.
  6. Redirects: It is important to implement 301 & 302 redirects where necessary.

Strong Content:

Good quality content is now critical for your website. you need to create quality infographics, videos and regular blog posts that people will virally share online.

  1. Infographics: High impact infographics that have the potential of going viral through your target market.
  2. Videos: Engaging and informative videos that your customers can easily access and share.
  3. Blog Posts: Creative and informative blog posts that readers will want to share, like and tweet etc.

Out Reach:

Links are relevant but they need to be from strong, quality sources. This is where outreach comes into the SEO equation.

  1. Content: Create excellent creative and engaging content for your target market.
  2. Outreach: Outreach your content to a network of relevant bloggers and authors.
  3. Promotion: The Promotion of quality content on relevant and targeted websites.

Social Signals:

As SEO evolves it is important to make sure you are building up promoting your social signals from Facebook, Google plus and Twitter

This is the overall Infographic of SEO Today

SEO TODAY- A Brief Overview: Google ranking targets (Infographics)

Infographic Credits: IDF Marketing

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