How to add Related posts widget for blogger

This article helps to adding of Related posts widget for blogger blogs. After Creating Blogger blog, every blogger must setup few changes to their new blog. In WordPress Setup, Some Plugins are compulsory to be installed in blog to enhance blog functionality. In blogger this change must be done manually. Most of the WordPress themes are are designed with related posts within their inbuilt codes. These changes are very useful to drive traffic from various sources. Simultaneously, a visitor is the biggest task in blogging. We can study the visitor activity by using Google Analytics.

How to add related posts widget for bloggerOn the WordPress blog there are several plugins to show the “Related posts” (Old Posts) in the blog. Most of the blogspot users are using third party service to show the Related Post’s functionality in the blog. That is the “Linkwithin” service. In this post let us discuss the procedure “How to install related posts widget for blogger blogs”.

How to add Related Posts Widget for Blogger

1. Open “Linkwithin” in your Browser

How to add related posts widget for blogger

2. Enter the details of your Site name, Email, Platform selection and Number of Posts in the Linkwithin page. Then click “Get Widget”. Copy the code given in this step.

How to add related posts widget for blogger

3. Open your Blogger account.

4. Then click “Install widget” and follow the instruction

5. Finally the HTML code will be added in the “Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JAVA script”, after the changes drag and drop the widget below the Blog Posts.

6. Save the Changes.

How to add related posts widget for blogger

Alternatives to Linkwithin:

There are some alternatives are available. These are very good alternative sources for the related posts widget for blogger

  1. Outbrain : This is nRelate Alternative Service. The Outbrain is my widget of choice for performing slightly better in CTR and providing a great interface for stats.
  2. nRelate: remains just a nose behind Outbrain, but still an excellent choice with the most superior custom features of all.

Related Posts Plugins for WordPress users:

There are more related posts plugins are available on the WordPress plugin directory. Check my old post on about Related Posts Plugin in WordPress. The most popular plugins are 2 they are


By using this related posts widget for blogger you can show your blog’s old posts as thumbnails with a link below every post. Basically it reduces the Bounce Rate of your Blog. This is a compulsory widget for every blogger’s blog.

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