How to monitor user activity in WordPress?

Monitoring user activity is always important for the blogger who are offering guest submission by WordPress dashboard.

Submitting guest post by WordPress dashboard is time-saving for blog admin. But at the same time, Some guest bloggers do misuse their permission given by the blog admin like making backlink for the keyword after publish or uploading any unwanted file or software.

How to monitor user activity in WordPress?

So to help you to monitor user activity in WordPress, WP Security Audit Log plugin log all this activity what your authors does once they log in to the WordPress dashboard.

Download WP Security Audit Log plugin

You can also install this plugin from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

How to monitor user activity in WordPress?

Setting up WP Security Audit Log plugin

This plugin doesn’t need too much configuration. Once you have installed & activated the plugin, it will start tracking all the activities. But you also can track particular action that you need monitor from your guest author.

To track particular action, Navigate to Audit Log -> Enable/Disable Alerts. It will show up List of alerts. Over here you need to disable the list of logs that you don’t want to monitor. This helps you to stop recording some actions and keep your log meaningful. It shows the exact WordPress User Levels.Enable and Disable Alerts

You can also limit the number of records that you want to keep in the settings tab.

limiting the number of records in WP Security Audit Log plugin

You also have an option exclude admin or some user that you don’t to track. Since this plugin will also log blog admin actions which are not necessary to monitor.

excluding user in WP Security Audit Log plugin

Logs of User Activities

I have made few test of this plugin by changing the content and few other activities to check how the plugin works (WordPress Activity Log).

Here is a screenshot of the user activities from my blog dashboard:Logs of User Activities in in WordPress

This plugin is highly useful for blog admin who has multiple users with guest post enable.

let us know if you know any similar plugin (WordPress Security Monitoring plugin) in the comment section below.


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