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How to Monetize Youtube Videos and Its Configuration

How to Configure Youtube Monetization Settings. There are 3 major step required to moHow to Monetize Youtube Videos ands its Configurationnetize YouTube videos. Just Follow this How-to tutorial. The video earning concept which was introduced by Google in 2011 made many video uploads possible.  If you want to earn through YouTube you need to upload 2-3 unique videos and then make some changes.  The maximum videos in YouTube are copyrighted or standard YouTube video licensed content.  It is fraud if you download these videos and upload them again it is against the terms and conditions.  So it is better if you create videos and upload them.  Not only this you can share your memories of functions tours etc which you have captured on your cell phone or hand cam.  You can upload these in the YouTube. Read More: Youtube updates

How to Monetize YouTube videos to earn money legally:

Step 1: Create YouTube account and Channel:

First create YouTube account with new Email ID then Create a new Channel to upload video. I have written in my previous article How to create YouTube Channel and how to fill your profile carefully. After that you must Monetize YouTube Videos legally.  If you are new just Read the following link.

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Step 2: Upload your videos in YouTube:

  • Put all the videos you need to upload in a folder first.
  • Login in your YouTube account. Click the upload button which is on the top right side.
  • Select the video clicking on the select ‘file to upload’ option. Set the “Privacy” of the video and this starts the uploading. Now your uploading will be start.

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Step 3: Youtube Monetization Settings – Monetize YouTube Videos to Earn Money

  • Click on “Video Manager”. Now your uploaded video will appear on the screen.Video manger in youtube videos
  • Go for “Channel setting”, now click on “Enable” button at “Monetize” option then click on “Enable my account”   Enable Youtube Monetization option Enable my Account for Youtube monetization
  • Click on “I accept” button after agree the rules and regulations of the YouTube monetization. Then click on “Got It”.   How to Monetize Youtube Videos ands its Configuration                                                   
  • Now you will observe Gray colored rectangle box with “$” symbol. It must convert to Green color rectangle.How to Monetize Youtube Videos ands its Configuration
  • To convert gray rectangle to green rectangle “$”, Click on “EDIT” button at the video then select “Info and Settings”. Now click on “Monetization” tab (Between Info & settings and Account settings).
  • Now check the “Monetize my Video” then click on SAVE Changes. Monetization process is completed. Now you have to check the rectangle “$” box, whether it converted as Green “$” rectangle box.

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Tip:If the Green color rectangle doesn’t appear just refresh the page once. If it doesn’t converted, wait up to 2 hours then just uncheck the mark in “Monetize my Video” then “Save” the changes. Then mark the tick in the “Monetize my Video” then SAVE Changes. This is simple and easiest tutorial to Monetize Youtube Videos in the channels.

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YouTube site is the biggest video sharing site in the world. With the help of this you can know how to earn online and make these settings.  Every YouTube user must monetize YouTube videos for their promotions. The monetization settings are very important for this earning stage. If you have any queries, please use the comment box below. Please share this on the social media with your friends.

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