How to Create a Blog and Make Money (5 Basic Steps)

Hello, Bloggers, Today I am here to share a few basic steps on “How to create a blog and How to monetize a blog to earn money”. I shared my experience with this article. By using this guide try to Make Your Own Blog within 20 minutes.

Everyone should have a blog or a website, including one of the benefits this and generating money online and earn extra income for your pocket. If you do not want to make money with your blog you may be used to make a leap in your personal reputation and begin to interact with the rest of the world. In this post, I’ll teach you how to create a blog in 5 easy basic steps without being a programmer or have advanced knowledge in the area.

Would you like to have passive income writing about what you love? I’m sure if we’d all like. Well, the zero steps are to read this post where I’ll help you on how to create a blog that allows start with the path to success on the Internet. If you know nothing about programming do not go! The good news is that you do not need to know anything more than use the Internet.

How to create a Blog and Monetization methodsHow to Create a Blog and Basic Monetization Methods :

How to Create a Blog for Free? This is the basic question for new bloggers. There are plenty of free blogging platforms are available. Those sites are providing the free pages to write content and share with the people. But there are hundreds of limitations. As a professional blogger, I won’t recommend this free platforms to build a new blog.

Basic Steps on How to create a blog:

  1. Choose a Domain name
  2. Buy good Web hosting and Install WordPress
  3. Install WordPress Theme for your Blog
  4. Start Writing good content for your blog posts
  5. Blog Monetization methods

STEP 1: Choose Domain Name:

Choose a Domain name

How to create a blog? Before creating a new blog you must know about a domain name. The domain name is that will have your page, no matter if you’re not creative thinking, tremendously, flashy names. If you have no idea of one for your website, can choose your name because of you make a mark.

What really important is that you choose a niche (specific topic) that you are passionate about and Need audience to read what you are writing. You can make a blog about recipes, hairstyles for girls, fashion, business, pets, technology, etc.

What about Domain Name

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and ways of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.

Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. In general, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a personal computer used to get access to the Internet, a server computer hosting a website, or the website itself or any other service communicated via the Internet. In 2015, 294 million domain names had been registered.

Buy a domain: Once you already have a name for your blog, just enter in the iPage web hosting and verifies that it is still available.

If you want to save up to $ 15 per year I recommend purchasing the iPage hosting service for the domain of your website is completely free.

Additional Resources:

Domain name is the address of your identity in a blogosphere. No need to buy new domain additionally, Most of the hosting service providers are providing one free domain name with every new hosting registrations. Personally, I would recommend iPage and Bluehost web hosting giving very good results. Here the screenshot was taken from the ipage web hosting. They are providing the option to register a new domain name at the account registration page.

iPage hosting Choose Domain name

You can check the live results at the Bluehost hosting service for new domain names.

If you want to register your domain name separately you can use the Godaddy domain registration services additionally. This video will help you How to register a new domain name in GoDaddy.

STEP 2: Buy a Good Web Hosting and Install WordPress:

Choose good Web hosting

The hosting is a space where you will store all the files you upload to your website, I told you in the previous step that I am using iPage for this service.

Why i am suggesting iPage web hosting:

The reasons are

  • This is the best place to start a new blog and save more money
  • The pricing is more reasonable than other web hosting companies
  • Pricing is $1.99/month (Up to 83% discount)
  • One Free domain
  • Free Quick Install WordPress feature
  • UNLIMITED hosting space
  • Unlimited Email accounts ([email protected])
  • More than 1,000,000 websites hosted backers

How to Install WordPress in web hosting:

If you want to create a blog I recommend using WordPress, the best tool for creating websites and blogs market. It is completely free. I have written a post about how to create a blog from scratch where I’ll show you all the steps you have to buy a hosting iPage and install WordPress automatically.

If you did not buy your hosting at iPage, also made for you a post about how to install WordPress step by step.

Useful Tutorials on How to Install WordPress:

Another recommended web hosting is Bluehost. This is one of the top 10 most popular web hosting company since 1997. Most of the professional bloggers are using this amazing services to handle the big traffic without any problem.

Useful Tutorials on How to buy web hosting:

STEP 3: Choose a Perfect and Optimized WordPress Theme:

Choose and install WordPress theme - How to Create a Blog

One of the advantages of using WordPress to create your web page is that you can choose from thousands of themes to give you the look you want your blog.

If you want to save money you can choose between free themes from the official website of WordPress but if you want to blog to have a professional look then I will recommend three options:

Recommended Resources:

Elegant Themes:

Elegant themes 468x60

I have to confess my love Elegant Themes. While you must pay an annual subscription, the good news is that you have to choose between almost 90 premium themes to give a touch of a professional look to your blog. They have 341,592 Happy Customers.

Imagine being able to change the layout of your blog almost 90 times to select the one that you really like and all of this making a single payment, is not you but I find it fascinating so if you want to choose the perfect theme for your blog do not let entering Elegant Themes.

Using my link and subscribing to the email list for Elegant Themes you can get up to 10% discount on the packages offered for a limited time. Get the premium theme at the lowest price and install WordPress theme in your blog. Configure it in a proper way by using their documentation.

ThemeForest:Themeforest bloggingden

If you want variety and hundreds of WordPress Premium themes for your blog I strongly recommended ThemeForest. Just download one premium theme after making a purchase. Install WordPress theme in your blog and configure it properly.

For you:  24,135 Website Templates and Themes From $3.

Custom Themes:

Customized themes give awesome unique looks for your blog. The design gives the fresh and professional look to the users or visitors. So I decided to learn to code to design custom design for my blog.

Hire the service for custom theme creation to any digital marketing services on the web. No need to invest hundreds of dollars. They will give the 100% unique and professional look themes for your blog. You can check my Free WordPress Installation services and Professional services.

If you do not know How to Upload a Theme to WordPress, just follow my instruction in my gallery.

STEP 4: Start Writing For your Blog: 

Write a better blog posts

It’s time for action. This is the major game in blogging. Writing a good content attracts more visitors.

When you have a blog and I strongly recommending for write the content or if did not start still now, Start immediately. Start the first post in your personal tone like write about what are the motivational points to create a blog. Then Publish on your blog and share and promote a blog post with the world through Social networking and social bookmarking sites. Use relevant images and video to understand your readers.

If you are posting good, trending and helpful content for your readers, the blog will start receiving traffic from all corners of the world. After that, your blog will be reached at a good place (good ranking) very easily.

STEP 5: Monetize your Blog 

This is the next level of your blog. Blog monetization is the biggest game in the blogosphere. Making money with a blog is not an easy task.

If you do not believe it to make money with a blog you leave some people who are currently living on the income from his blog and work from home:

  • Pat Flyn -Pat Flynn is an American entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster known for his website Smart Passive Income
  • Amit Agarwal – India’s first and only Professional Blogger
  • Matthew Woodward – A Blogger making more than $10,000 every month
  • Syed Balkhi – Syed Moiz Balkhi is a Pakistani-American entrepreneur known for his social media work his blog (WordPress resource
  • Neil Patel – Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue.
  • Zac Johnson – Zac Johnson is a well-known entrepreneur and online marketer with nearly 20 years of experience and helps others do the same through his blog.
  • Harsh AgarwalHarsh Agrawal is a passionate blogger & a blog scientist. He loves researching about things that help a blog grow.
  • Kulwant Nagi – He is a Fatehabad blogger and founder of Blogging Cage (This is Blogging, SEO tips and internet marketing blog)

Monetization Methods:

There are two major methods are using to monetize blogs. They are

Google Adsense:

Why the Google Adsense is Good Online Earning source?

  • Google Adsense is the most popular way to make money from your blog. This is the service from google. This is advertising program which works on CPC (Cost per click).
  • In easy words, if someone click on this ad which is getting display on your website. Simultaneously, you will receive money.
  • You will receive money. To get this account, you must obey the terms and conditions of your blog. After received your approved account, you must add the Adsense code into your blog.
  • The code enables the ads which are similar to your content. If any user clicks on the ads, money will be credit in the AdSense account.
  • Ideally, to start generating revenue from your blog is that you enroll in the program Google Adsense, there are many people making money with Google advertising on their sites.
  • The more visits you get to your best blog are the chances of generating income so the idea is that initially you focus on creating quality content that is very striking in your niche and you increase visits to your blog before starting to strategize monetization of it, at least that’s the advice of a humble servant.

Additional Resources: 

Affiliate Marketing:

What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works for bloggers?

  • Affiliate marketing is the biggest channel to earn huge income through blogging.
  • There are hundreds of affiliate programs are available. Here the simple concept is if anyone purchase affiliate product from your referral link, the commission will be credit in your account.
  • Thousands of professional bloggers are making thousands of dollars by using this method.
  • Join any one of the affiliate programs (Commission Junction, Click Bank, ShareASale) and write a review and promote as an affiliate through your blog. Your blog will generate more money from this affiliate programs.

Additional Resources: 


Starting a new blog is not a big task. Creating quality content is the biggest challenge in the blogging. The above simple method explains how to create a blog and how to monetize with 5 steps.

You already have everything you need to start working on your next blog, there is always the possibility to continue learning about the world of websites and that is precisely created Blogging Den.

This How to Create a Blog guide helps you to start a blog in a professional way. I recommend that you do not rest on the ability to make your page every day better and to meet it is always good to know a little about the basic programming language.

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