Basic Guide on How to Make a Blog

How to make a Blog? This is the first question for every new blogger in their blogging journey. Making money online is the most common issue that we hear now a day. Everybody showing their interest on business improvement on online business. The boom and importance of internet have grown day today since the past 5 years. The resulting internet has become a business to many companies.

How to Make a Blog

Past to present we are getting maximum information on the web. Everyday We are learning many issues / topics from the internet. Apart from that Blogging also can be learned from our interest. Now on this page, I discussed complete major point on “How to Make a Blog”

Since few years, I am running these blog successfully. Making money online has remained a question to me.How to Make a Blog

Although I spent one year with this blog still I am a learner. I am learning a lot from this. I did not monetize this blog since 10 months. I was busy embedding stuff, Writing articles and publishing them. With this experience, I am writing this article.

What are the benefits of Blogging?
  1. This is a very good weapon for your online presence
  2. You can earn or make money by using your own skills
  3. You can build your online identity
  4. You can maintain strong relations with your customers
  5. You become a good authority in your industry
  6. You will get money freedom and more confident
  7. No need to start rat race for your regular jobs
  8. No traffic jams at your office hours
  9. You can educate the people with your writings on your blog
  10. You can easily explain about your products

There are thousands of benefits are there if you become a Blogger.

How to Make a Blog :

Blogging creation and maintenance is one of the art. Here I am explaining about “How to Make a Blog” and how to configure your blog according to your need. Just by following the basic steps given on How to make a Blog.

Step 1: Register and Purchase a Domain Name:

If you want to start a blogging career / new blogger or online business. The primary step one should do is to register a domain. Domain name is nothing but the name of the website / blog. To make a blog, this is the first step.

How to make a Blog

Remember these points before choosing Domain name

You need to decide theirs with a lot of care. One should remember few things before registering the domain name.

1.Understand your Niche :

You need to have feel knowledge on your topic. One should decide your domain name with relevant keywords. Example:

a) The keywords related to Blogging would be blogging, blog, blog, blog.

B) In case it is tech blogs it would be Tech, Techno, Greek, Nerd etc.

2. Do not Use Numbers :

You should not use numbers in between domain name.

3. Be Creative :

The Domain name you decide should be meaningful. You can choose a brand name for your blog.

4. Rhyme Everything :

Your domain name should be simple, meaningful and easy to pronounce.

5. Domain Name Meaning :

The domain name you register should be meaningful. The meaning of the name should be known to you.

Keeping in view the above steps you can search the domain name in “”. With this, you can search every word and find a good name. For your domain registration, you can follow and use Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock services and register yourself.

You can check the domain availability here (This is Bluehost Domain Search Program)

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Step 2: Host your Domain :

Hosting means the space used to store your files. The blogs which we visit daily are stored in the same way in hosting services. You can also upload pictures, Videos and articles in this space in your blogs and share information through this. Firstly you need to setup your hosting account with the domain name you register. Hosting space can be purchased by paying $2 to $10 per month.

Popular Web Hosting Services with Discounts

There are some Best Blog Hosting Sites below.

Bluehost – It is the leading web hosting service provider. It has various plans & features. $2.95/Mon & Free Domain Name

Register Bluehost account

ASmallOrange – It provides great hosting services for your website with different plans & features.

iPage – It is excellent web hosting service for new bloggers. The cost is fits in their daily budget. Cheap and Reliable hosting.

Hostgator  – It is top most web hosting company to provide web hosting at good pricings. Get 25% discount (Code: BloggingDen)

I hosted this blog on A Small Orange hosting. Plans and Pricing is very comfort and flexible.

Step 3: Install WordPress :

WordPress is a free open source Content Management System (CMS). You can give a completion for your blog. WordPress should be installed in a hosting space and setup with the domain name. With this, you can start blogging and get many types of SEO contents. With the Google search engines, your article will get a good rank also.

After the WordPress installation(After create a blog), the plugins should be install to enhance the blog functionality. The plugin is an external piece of code. This improves your WordPress usability. Plugins to WordPress are just like software to the computer.

WordPress Installation steps

4. Purchase a Professional Premium theme :

The theme plays a vital attractive role to your blog.  Selection of WordPress theme is not an easy task. Eye catchy and SEO friendly theme allows the bloggers to stick to your blog. The theme gives the readers better options to navigate your blog. Multiple ads on your blog distract your reader.

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5. Install Plugins to improve your blog :

Install WordPress in hosting account. After this installation install important plugins and themes. This improves your WordPress blog performance and visibility.

Here I am suggesting few of the important plugin for new bloggers

Must have Plugins to Install on your blog :
  • Install and Activate Akismet (You will need Akismet API key and check my video on how to activate Akismet Plugin on your blog). This video will guide you how to activate.
  • Install and Activate WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin. This is an awesome plugin to do SEO in a proper way for your blog and Blog posts. This tutorial will guide you to do the SEO in a proper way.  check my  How to Install and Configure
  • Install and Activate SumoMe Plugin – This is a very good plugin to share your content on social media, to capture your reader’s email, to integrate google analytics account, and much more features. Do not worry this tutorial will guide you how to configure.
  • W3 Total Cache Plugin (or) WP Super Cache – Install and activate any one plugin to reduce blog loading time, it gives good results in ranking.
  • Google XML Sitemaps : Install and activate this plugin. It helps you to create XML sitemaps. You can submit this sitemap link to any search engine to index your blog and blog posts. This tutorial will guide you how to configure this.
  • Broken link checker : This plugin helps you to check all links in your blog either lives or broken (showing 404 error page). There are no additional setups required to configure this plugin. Just Install and Activate. It starts searching broken links (internal and External links).
  • Jetpack for WordPress : This is the collection of more than 27 additional features to increase visibility and functionality of your blog. This tutorial will guide you to know the features and configuration.
  • WP-Optimize : This plugin helps you to clean the useless database (Post revisions, Spam comments etc) with a single click. No need to additional configuration. Just install and activate.
  • : This plugin helps you to reduce image sizes in the hosting space. Using low weight images helps your to load pages quickly.
  • Wangguard : This plugin helps you to stop spam registrations (Splogglers).
  • No self Ping
  • Google Analytics by Yoast : This is useful to integrate your blog with Google analytics account. It helps you to know the blog analytics like visits, pageviews, and more details.


Create a Blog by Choosing a good domain name and register with hosting and then install WordPress, plugins and theme and finally configure it properly. Now your WordPress blog is ready with a new professional look. Now it is your turn to write an article. Your blog is nothing without your writing. choose one topic according to your niche, then start writing and publish in your blog.

Still now are you confusing on How to Start Your Own Blog? If you want any help you can contact through my Contact Us page.

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