Being Associate Intern at Google and Facebook (Infographics)

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We often hear in many companies like Google and Facebook, both in terms of quality of service in relation to the excellent working conditions they offer to their employees. Who did not dream to go to work at Google and its premises and all its wonderful benefits?

Being Associate Intern at Google and Facebook (Infographics)

Google and Facebook internship infographics:

It’s a few days before the release of “The Internship” (Students) – which will stage two interns at Google during an exceedingly in a very comedy with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson actors – the site internet Service providers to deliver this flavor of the day giving us an infographic that highlights the differences between the benefits of an intern at Google and at Facebook.  I am inviting to see more infographics Here.

So we will find a small list of the big advantages, however also some tricks to get this course (as put in his resume, what to not say during his interview), and will even have the proper to pay the trainee as well as a few celebrities who have visited the premises (we also request that information doing here  !)

Being Associate Intern at Google and Facebook

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