Free WordPress Themes for New Sites (Set 2)

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There are thousands of WordPress Themes are available in the wordpress directory. Most of the themes are free and some of the Premium WP themes. I presented few of the wp themes in my previous post as “Free WordPress Themes for Newbies (Set-1)” and “Responsive WordPress Themes“. There is a choice to choose best and suitable template according to your blog type. In this post i am presenting 10 Free themes as my Set 2 themes.

WordPress Themes Gallery Set 2

1.Webslee (Free WordPress Themes)


Webslee WordPress Theme

Very sophisticated, including the selection of large images. The designer has chosen to focus on the main block while leaving plenty of empty around. This may work, but it is not ideal for long and contained too large images.

2.iMobile (Free WordPress Themes)


imobile WordPress Theme

Another one who is self-explanatory. Mobile freaks, this WordPress theme is for you! Despite the limited space for the main content, you can not put a lot of elements.

3. Imbalance (Free WordPress Themes)


Imbalance WordPress Theme

No room for text, this WordPress theme is for the image. Perfect for a porfolio or a personal photo album.

4. Monte Cristo: (Free WordPress Themes)


Monte cristo WordPress Theme

Edmon Dantes’s been there, not kidding! This is based on a pen mark. It can serve as main site to a design company. Or a hobbyist who wants to share his work.

5. Bleach Desu: (Free WordPress Themes)


Bleach Desu WordPress Theme

Bleach inspired eats. The predominance of orange color pleases everyone, but it is an interesting approach.

6. WP Theme: (Free WordPress Themes)


WP theme

One of the classic themes of WordPress. A standard format, but we appreciate the integration of Twitter button. The approach here is to use the button as a banner. This may give some ideas. But the placement of advertising on the right is not the best choice.

7. Ink and Wash: (Free WordPress Themes)


Ink and wash WordPress Theme

WordPress theme typically Japanese. One has the impression that the background is a sketch, and found the ink effects in the headings. Red flowers detonate very well with the simplicity of the main colors.

8. Blossful Blog: (Free WordPress Themes)


Blissful blog WordPress Theme

An ideal WordPress theme for the wedding or the theme of romanticism. We see that the designer has used white to illustrate the purity of the theme. Images must be of good quality if a feeling of amateurism is affected.

9. TopzGlow: (Free WordPress Themes)


TopzGlow WordPress Theme

This one gives all the punk style! Overflow of images and considerable gaps between the different elements. Very nice indeed, but it can cause problems on lower resolutions.

10. Florance: (Free WordPress Themes)


Florance WordPress Theme

I’m pretty skeptical about the artistic approach. The background does not fit well with the main content. But the rounded blocks are a good idea. Transparency is also very neat.

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