Simple tips to Change cPanel password in Hostgator?

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Hosting plans in hostgator is more secure and reliable than others hosting provider in the market. Hostgator also do care of their customers for this they have 24 x 7 customer help service. You can contact them and get solve of your any queries about your hosting service in hostgator.

If you are with hostgator then you have not got tense about security of your website it is secured under best security by hostgator. They provides as much they can for their customer. Just you have to do your stuffs securely rest left on hostgator.

Simple tips to Change cPanel password in Hostgator?

Like all others hosting providers’ hostgator has also a hosting user cPanel where you can do all your stuffs with your hosting. And always change your hosting password for better security.

You can change your password easily in hostgator hosting. If not then follow the following steps.

How to Change cPanel password in Hostgator?

It will help you to change your cpanel password in hostgator with these easy steps.

  1. Go to Hostgator’s official website. Type in your browser address bar.
  2. Here login to hosting service by your username and password. It will take you directly to your hosting cPanel.
  3. Then click on preference button in the cPanel.
  4. After that click on change cPanel password button it will take you in a new window.
  5. Then you will ask for your old cPanel password. Here old means your current cPanel password that you have.
  6. Then enter your new password and retype them carefully. Always make sure you have written your new password in a secure place before change this.
  7. You can also take help from the password generator button at the left side here the generator will help you to find more hard and reliable password for your hosting service. You just have to copy the generated password and paste it at new cPanel password and retype cPanel password box. Make sure you also write down the generated password for farther login.
  8. If you also want to change MySQL password also with hosting password then click on the check box which asking you ‘Allow MySQL password change.
  9. Now the final works click on ‘change your password now’ button.

You are now changed your hosting password. log out and log in with your new password to make sure one time. Change your password in monthly basis it will not allow anyone to track your password.

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