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Free Blogging Video Tutorials

Why have you these Telugu tutorials?

There are thousands of blogging tutorials are present on the video hosting site. Every video is valuable either useful or not. Before going to that, why created this page. Because most of my clients are from Andhra Pradesh. So they requested me to prepare tutorials on Telugu. So I have started this page to teach the blogging in the Telugu language.

Topics covered in these tutorials series:

I am updating continuously with the basics to latest updated trending tutorials.

  1. How to register new domain names on most popular Domain registration services
  2. How to install WordPress in hosting servers and Basic settings before starting the blog
  3. How to choose best WordPress themes
  4. How to install themes from dashboard in WordPress blog
  5. How to Install Plugins and its basic configuration (Discussed most popular Plugins)
  6. How to use social media to promote your posts
  7. Tools required in blogging and many more upcoming videos

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