Top 6 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for Unique content

Plagiarism is the major problem on the internet. Due to the fast growth of blog creation and web development, most of the people are searching for easy methods to get an article. Apart from that they are copying  others articles and posting their own websites of blogs without permission for more traffic and growth.  Here google is very smart. The Google search engine Spiders and crawlers works very fast. They detect copied content very fast. So you have to take care of your content not to get copied by others. Are you searching for free plagiarism checker tools?

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of Fraud. It includes the taking or stealing others work, person’s writing, conversation, song or even idea and passing it off as your own. Simply it is a part of cheating or similar imitation of previously published articles of another author’s content without their permission.

Personally, I recommend every new blogger or existing bloggers, to create a copyright page and keep the link at footer side or any other visible places. Create a new account on (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) new account. Place the code in your blog. It starts working by scanning your pages and checks on online about copy scrapers.

As a blogger, I am writing content regularly for my blogs by spending lots of time and Publishing 3 to 5 article every week.  I know the pain of content theft. At the time of beginning, RSS scrapers are stealing my content. I improved my WordPress security levels.

Here I am introducing few of the free Plagiarism checker websites to check your content whether stolen or not.

Best free plagiarism checker tools:

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker :

Grammarly plagiarism checker

  • Grammarly is one of the best Plagiarism checker tools for content writers, bloggers, teachers, and students.
  • It has excellent features like Punctuation correction, Proofreading and Grammar checking.
  • This is Students and teachers favorite tool, which helps to make their writings plagiarism free.
  • Grammarly proofreading and Grammar checking features are free to use. But The Plagiarism option is a paid option.
  • Investing money on this plagiarism tool is very good option. It is totally worth.
  • If you are not ready, you can use the free options like proofreading and Grammar checking tools.
  • No doubt Grammarly is the best site to check for plagiarism.

2. PlagiarismChecker :

  • This is 100% free service.
  • This is very good Plagiarism checker free service.
  • It gives easy and detailed instructions
  • This is very good choice for teachers to check the student’s paper has been copied from the internet.
  • The results are very effective to this Plagiarism checker for teachers online free.
  • No need to download any other software.
  • You can check phrases search separately.
  • The results are displayed almost instantly if the passage exists somewhere on the web.

3. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools:

SmallSEOTools Plagiarism checker

  • This is an online free plagiarism checker tool from
  • No need to download any software to check the plagiarism. Just copy the content and paste in the box then click on Check for Plagiarism

4. The Plagiarism Scanner by :

The Plagiarism Scanner by Dustball

  • The University of Maryland is responsible for this tool to inspecting a particular text either posting it on the site or from a Word file.
  • So simple, but it works wonderfully to quickly find specific sections of a written.
  • This is very good and similar alternative to Small SEO tools Plagiarism checker.
  • These services are providing both free and Premium services (for more accurate plagiarism detection).
  • The process is very simple – Copy or cut the content and paste in the box then click on “Check the Paper” button.
  • You can upload document file to analyze on online.

5. :

copyscape plagiarism checker premium tool

  • It is an anti-plagiarism tool.
  • You must add your URL to check for Plagiarism
  • Popular and Premium
  • It has a paid version with other alert functions.
  • It does not check any documents or files.
  • It allows only web articles.

6. Viper:

Viper Plagiarism Scanner

  • This is a Free Plagiarism checker from
  • Viper is a free plagiarism checker and it is the best alternative to Turnitin Plagiarism services (This is Premium Plagiarism checker Service).
  • Viper is Windows based software.
  • It is, therefore, necessary to download before you can use it.
  • Viper scans the web looking for a document source to detect any copies or plagiarism.

Final Words:

I would recommend these free online Plagiarism checker tools to check copied contents and act on content stealers. Personally, I suggest to every blogger, first, create a copyright disclaimer page and also open a new account in DMCA to file complaints.

The above-listed Plagiarism checker websites have their own pros and cons. So you should take into consideration before you decide as per your professional needs.

What is the best free plagiarism checker? is the best in free services. Personally, I am suggesting Grammarly Plagiarism checker tool for best results for bloggers, content writers and teachers. This is having more features like Proofreading and grammatical error rectification. SO this is my favorite. Check Plagiarism Online for Free with above tools.

Some other Useful tools:

Please let me know about your favorite free plagiarism checker websites or tools in the comments.


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