What are the Basic Requirements to Start Online Earnings

What are the Basic Requirements to Start Online Earnings

When I search Google with keyword Earning Online Money, hundreds of sites are explaining about these methods “How to earn online”. So here I chose Blogging and Affiliate marketing. Before going to start Blogging for the online journey you need to know Basic Requirements to start your Online Earnings. I visited plenty of authorized sites. I followed their instructions. But no results.

After few months of my work, I found some genuine sites and started my work again smartly. Now I am getting smart income. After few days some of the readers and my social friends ae asking about basic requirements and eligibility to earn online. So I decided to write these requirements as what I am following. First of all Planning and dedication is very important.

What are the Basic Requirements to Start Online Earnings

Basic Requirements to start your Online earnings:

Online earnings is not an easy task and not a one day game. It should be a full time or part time job. The given steps help you to prepare for successful online earnings.

First: Set up E-mail account:

  1. Create one email ID at Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff or YandexMail as your choice of service.
  2. Learn how to use Disposable eMail Services : It protects from Spam comes from other sites.
  3. Check the Email frequently two to three times per day. or setup Email alert in chrome browser.

Second: Requirements:

  1. Bank account : Any Nationalized Bank like SBI, Andhra Bank, ICICI, HDFC, AXIS, Kotak Mahindra etc.…. If it’s possible activate Internet banking also. The internet banking has the option to create Virtual credit cards for your online payments.
  2. Paypal account : Paypal account is very important for every Blogger, Marketer to receive their payments of affiliate commissions from Affiliate Marketing sites and some other sources. So you need to create one Paypal account and verify it now.
  3. Debit card (ATM Card) / Credit card
  4. PAN Card or Adhar card or any other Identity Proof

Third: Choice of Selection:

Here I am is introducing few genuine methods to earn money online. So the best way to choose the right way. Before choosing you should know the basics of the work and their terms and conditions (Do no worry I will explain everything here). First Learn and practice then apply.

Learn – After remove ‘L’ from the word – that is Earn

Online earning are not possible without learning

There are some channels

  1. PTC sites : PTC means Pay to Click Programs. These sites are paying when you open the ads up to their specified time.
  2. Adsense : This is the No.1 source to earn online. It is the part of Google advertising programs. The google is providing registration form to register as Google Adsense publisher and Google AdWords ads creator. This is the best online earnings source. Out of
  3. Do Blogging : Find the keywords those are used in Google search engine (here Google keyword Planner is helpful). Write few articles by using the keywords and publish on the blog.Simple here if you write and publish good content Google becomes your best friend. Simultaneously your blog becomes popular and you will get money.
  4. Surveys – They pay money to complete their surveys on Product reviews, food habits, social surveys and much more (But it is a long process… but its working)
  5. Fiverr : Fiverr is a place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5 only.
  6. Data entry jobs : Most of the jobs are not working.You need to confirm is it a scam or not.
  7. Freelancer works : There are thousands of works are giving from top most companies.
  8. Affiliate Marketing : Sell their products and get the commission from 5% to 70% through the Website, Classified and Email marketing.

Online Earnings are not an easy thing. Planning and dedication are very important. The above given four are Basic Requirements to Start Online Earnings.

What next…

Fourth: System Requirements:

  1. Normal PC with normal / high-end configuration system. Even though Laptops are also comfortable. I am using my laptop as Money generating Machine to get my financial freedom. It is so comfort. You can carry anywhere with you.
  2. Few of the software are important to work well. Here I am providing the list of some important software.

Permanent Software:

This software is very important. Everyone must install their systems. These are Free Software Downloads

  1. Microsoft Office : Word, Excel (Available with your system… no need to set up) otherwise use Open  Office, this is alternative to Microsoft office and it is completely free.
  2. Notepad++ : To store few HTML codes (Get it here)
  3. Ginger software : To check spellings and grammatical errors in the typed materials. (Get it here)
  4. Grammarly : This is Awesome service to write my article without any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. (Get it Free)
  5. CCleaner : To clean the system history, registry, temporary file, Cookies after complete your work in the system (Get it here)
  6. Pokki : It is a desktop application. It includes top applications like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google Reader and some Game application. You can check your accounts without opening browsers. I like this application.It saves my precious time and Data. (Get it Here)
  7. Windows Live Writer : It is one of the application comes with Microsoft Live Suite. The suite includes Windows live movie maker, Windows live photo Gallery, MSN messenger, and few other useful applications.
  8. Foxit Reader : It is similar to Adobe Reader, used to read PDF file (Portable Document Format file). 100 millions of users are using the world wide. The simple and friendly user interface. (Get it here)
  9. DoPDF: Free PDF converter you can use this tool to create PDF from any printable document. Download this free PDF creation tool and install on your PC. The option appears in Print option. (get it Here)
  10. Roboform: RoboForm is a top-rated password manager and Auto form filling tool that completely automates password entering and form filling. It protects your data with secured Master password. It stores our data in your system and in online account also. (Get it Free)
  11. LastPass: LastPass is an online password manager and Autoform filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure. This is an alternative to Roboform. It crossed thousands of users security tests. Trusted and online service with encryption feature. Personally, I am using  this service for 4 years. (Get it Here)
  12. Video conversion Tools : These tools are important to create videos and upload videos in Video hosting services like Youtube and Vimeo. Some of the examples for video conversion tools are Any Video Converter, Ultra Video converter, Total Video converter and there are hundreds of conversion software available. But these are very popular and Free. My personal suggestion is Fast Stone Capture. This is simple and excellent for Screen capturing, basic photo and video editing and Screen recording software. This is not a freeware. It has 30 days trial available.
  13. Alexa toolbar : This toolbar is very useful to Webmasters to promote their website online. It is one of the key concept in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Alexa rank achievement is the first target for every blogger. So if you are trying to get good Alexa rank then install this toolbar in your browser immediately.
  14. Photoshop alternatives : No doubt there are a number of Photoshop alternatives are available but I strongly recommended this software. Update: Now Adobe Photoshop CS2 is free. You can register and download the free version with lifetime valid key.
  15. Mozilla Thunderbird: This is simple and easy emails accessing software from Mozilla. You can add more email login details and download your mail from the web to your PC. Simply this is an alternative to MS Outlook express. Very useful. (Get it Now)

Fifth: Try to create your online venture

This is a very important step. Because your online presence is the central key concept. It helps you to share your work with your fellow bloggers. To become a good blogger you must communicate with senior professional bloggers and maintain good relations. and follow their updates. To online presence, you must sign up some Social networking site and Social Bookmarking sites. The sites will be posted in the next post.

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