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Google Keywords : Top Adsense high paying Keywords in 2014

Now a day Google Adsense paying very low money by one click, usually $0.05 to $0.20 only. The main reason is we didn’t use google keywords in our blogs. The CPC (Click per cost) is mainly depends on your blog niche. Today I am discussing about how to increase Google Adsense earnings by using high paying keywords in your blog articles. Actually google Adsense will pay 5$ per click sometimes. The major secret is using high paying google keywords in your article, which should be near google ads. Simultaneously your Adsense profits will be coming up.Google Keywords : Top Adsense high paying Keywords in 2014

Is it all true? Really Google keywords increase Adsense earnings?

Yes, it’s all true. Your Adsense will make very good revenue for your web log. This is mainly depends on usage of high paying keywords in the article and selection of your niche. Definitely you can boost your Google Adsense earnings and enjoy a lot of money.

High Paying Google Keywords in Adsense 2014

Many bloggers take time to receive their first cheque $100. Because lack of using high paying keywords in their articles and low Adsense CPC. So I am providing a huge list of Goolge Adsense high paying keywords ( google keywords ), I promise you definitely your Adsense gives very good revenue for your blog / site. You can use Adwords Keyword tool to get more keywords. Check this tool now Google  Keyword Planner.

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  1. Hi
    Good article but I’m not so sure about these keywords will work.
    Google remember that sites or phrases you look or search too.
    By example now in your site I see an ads about “learn spanish” and nothing about “cars” or “insurance” etc

  2. Hi, Mr.Satsih,

    I dint know what exactly the keywords advantages. your article has given me good idea.
    sri katyayani recently posted…Google Panda The Traffic Eating MonsterMy Profile

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