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Top 10 Free Blog Monitoring Services to Improve Blog Presense

The availability (or the uptime) of a website is crucial when it comes to the reputation of a website and its success linger. It is obvious that neither the owners of sites webmasters or web or the web hosting will be measures to monitor 24hours site to ensure they remain viable and accessible to visitors. Fortunately, there are nowadays Blog monitoring services offered on the Internet for free or for a nominal amount. By these Blog monitoring services you will receive prompt notification of any downtime that occurs and, in some cases, even a thorough analysis of the causes of interruption. We have selected below the 10 best free monitoring site are most popular services.

Top 10 Free Blog Monitoring Services to Improve Blog Presense

Top 10 Blog Monitoring services for free:

1 Uptime Robot:

Uptime Robot provides comprehensive Blog monitoring services that web site owners can access free site. Users can add up to 50 sites, each of which will be checked once every five minutes. Notifications of time stops can be sent via SMS, Twitter, email, push notification for iPad and iPhone and RSS feeds according to user preferences.

Top 10 Free Blog Monitoring Services to Improve Blog Presense2 Pingdom:

Pingdom is a blog monitoring service of the availability of fairly popular website that offers a free service that allows users to receive up to 20 SMS notifications for downtime. Their paid commercial service offers 200 downtime alerts via SMS and you can monitor up to 30 servers or sites. Subscribers of the business plan also receive unlimited tweets by and alerts. The basic plan of Pingdom is designed for blogs and sites of small size and monitors up to five servers or sites, 20 free SMS notifications, alerrtes of e-mails and Twitter. The basic plan and the fee come with the option of a 30-day trial without risk. Users pay plan may receive reports Pingdom response time, availability reports and analysis of the root causes of downtime.

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