Free Blog Monitoring Services to Improve Blog Presence

The availability (or the uptime) of a website is crucial when it comes to the reputation of a website and its success linger. In this post i am presenting best 10 free blog monitoring services to check your blog performance at free of cost.

It is obvious that neither the owners of sites webmasters or web or the web hosting will be measures to monitor 24hours site to ensure they remain viable and accessible to visitors. Fortunately, there are nowadays Blog monitoring services offered on the Internet for free or for a nominal amount.

By these Blog monitoring services you will receive prompt notification of any downtime that occurs and, in some cases, even a thorough analysis of the causes of interruption. We have selected below the 10 best free monitoring site are most popular services.

Free blog monitoring services

Top 10 Free Blog Monitoring services :

How to Check Server Uptime? There are hundreds of uptime checking blogs are available on the web. I have compiled few sites list here to monitize your blog’s uptime and downtime.

1. Uptime Robot :

Uptime Robot provides comprehensive and free Blog monitoring services that web site owners can access free site. Users can add up to 50 sites, each of which will be checked once every five minutes.

Notifications of time stops can be sent via SMS, Twitter, email, push notification for iPad and iPhone and RSS feeds according to user preferences.

UptimeRobot monitoring services2. Pingdom:

Pingdom is a free blog monitoring service of the availability of fairly popular website that offers a free service that allows users to receive up to 20 SMS notifications for downtime.

Their paid commercial service offers 200 downtime alerts via SMS and you can monitor up to 30 servers or sites. Subscribers of the business plan also receive unlimited tweets by and alerts.

The basic plan of Pingdom is designed for blogs and sites of small size and monitors up to five servers or sites, 20 free SMS notifications, alerts of e-mails and Twitter. No doubt, the pingdom is giving very good Free Website Monitoring Service

The basic plan and the fee come with the option of a 30-day trial without risk. Users pay plan may receive reports Pingdom response time, availability reports and analysis of the root causes of downtime. It have free credit monitoring services and traffic monitoring services.

Pingdom services3. Uptrends:

Uptrends offers a range of paid services, however, it also offers a free 4-week trial. In addition to the ongoing monitoring of availability, uptrends offers its customers monitoring eCommerce transactions, monitoring server outside the firewall and SLA monitoring, which allows site owners to check the SLA objectives through the the use of a third party.

Uptrends also provides a range of free applications for smartphones that allow users to access their accounts and view reports from their mobile devices.

Uptrends web performance monitor

4. Internet Seer:

Seer Internet offers a free blog monitoring services that checks the availability of servers once every hour. The only monitored the standard protocol for the HTTP service is free and users will accept a plan to get paid for monitoring HTTPS, SMTP. POP3 and other ports.

The package also includes free Internet Seer unlimited contacts, e-mail or pager notifications (pager), availability reports and maintenance of the primary account.

Those wishing to subscribe to formulas more complete and pay up will have the choice between intervals of 5, 15 or 30 min of monitoring.

Internetseer Services

5. 100pulse :

100Pulse provides free Blog Monitoring Services at intervals of 15 minutes to a maximum of two sites. Users can receive instant alerts free through iGoogle gadgets, Twitter, RSS and e-mail. 100Pulse also offers paid services from only $ 1 per month for monitoring at intervals of five minutes, as well as affiliate and reseller programs.

100 Pulse website monitoring servies

6. Site24x7:

Site24x7  offers a range of free blog monitoring services, these products are only $ 1 per month, and therefore the most basic option is essentially free. This system supports HTTP, DNS, SSL, FTP, SMTP, SFTP, Ping, POP, and TCP and other protocols, making it one of the services that covers more protocols. Users can receive instant notifications via SMS and can also access the display panel via their mobile phones to manually check the site.

Site24X77. Montastic:

Montastic offers a free blog monitoring services website that is completely free and easy to use. Just simply enter the URL of your web site and follow the steps.

A screen of green light indicates that the site is operational and a red light indicates a problem. Montastics also offers a notification e-mail for free.

Montastic services8. Are My Sites Up:

AreMySitesUp offers a number of paid for website owners plans, including monthly service packages and annual subscriptions paid. For free blog monitoring services, users will need to take advantage of free trial offers that are available with each pay level.

The basic plan from $ 7.95 per month and includes a monitoring every minute of email notifications unlimited, RSS feeds, the unlimited user accounts and voice calls.

Are my site UP services9. BasicState :

Users receive 10 credits BasicState free use when signing their free accounts. Once these credits have been exhausted, they have the option to pay for additional credits in batches.

A monitor 15 minutes costs two credits per month and alerts SMS costs one credit each. All e-mail alerts and text are totally free. Site owners can choose to pay for what they use and avoid monthly service fee.

BasicState monitoring services10. Monitor.us:

As Montastic, Monitor.us provides free blog monitoring services and allows users to view the status of their sites quickly and easily.

This system of cloud computing enables site owners to view the status of their databases and their web applications and access to important information on site availability and response time. It have Best Free Blog Services also.

Users also have access to free email notifications, however, the reliability of these notifications were received mixed reviews.

Monitor.US services


Here i have given the above best and most popular 10 Free blog monitoring services are very useful to analyze the blog performance. Few are free and some are premium services. Pickup the best one and get the monitoring data of your blog. There are hundreds of  blog monitoring services are available to monitor the blogs up-time and downtime. They are having Real Time Monitoring Blog.

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